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Description TorBox is an easy to use, anonymizing router based on a Raspberry Pi.

We need feedback - and we are willing to gift something in return.
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TorBox is an easy to use, anonymizing router based on a Raspberry Pi. TorBox creates a separate WiFi that routes the encrypted network data over the Tor network. The type of client (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.) and operating system on the client don’t matter.

During the 36C3, we are going to rewrite the user interface so that the support of multiple interfaces becomes more user-friendly, and more connection options are supported.

UPDATE Finally, I have a working version of TorBox v.0.3.0 released. I had to rewrite the main menu of TorBox nearly entirely, which was a bit stressful. The new version has been tested this night, and it seems that all the different configuration options run smooth. However, only the daily use shows, if this version runs as well as the prior version. I am, therefore, dependent on your feedback. The three most valuable feedbacks will get a Proton $100 Gift Card as soon as they are available again in the ProtonMail Shop.

Release note of TorBox v.0.3.0 and download links: here Start-up instructions: here

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