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Description Isomer is a new distributed application framework
Has website,
Organized by Riot
Persons working on Riot
Tags Software, Collaboration, Python, Angular, FOSS, Open
Located at assembly Assembly:C-base / CCC-B / xHain
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Isomer - Be Collaborative!

A collaborative and modular infrastructure for your data and applications.

Isomer is a (web) application framework that has been developed to build the HFOS (Hackerfleet Operating System).

HFOS and as such Isomer itself has a few quirky requirements where established and common web frameworks didn't quite deliver:

  • offline capability (no internet required)
  • modularity (extend and reconfigure)
  • data safety (well working validation and security, no cloud required - but possible!)
  • connectivity (easy protocol adaptors and network handling)
  • platform independence (built with Python and HTML)
  • ecology (don't waste energy)
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