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Description Person-to-person cryptocurrency (Bitcoin...) exchange
Has website 6kccmmjywmbo7reoftlq7eijkq3emj7ym7mywvsctlzlukmtvs5h4tad.onion
Organized by E-alpbert
Persons working on
Tags Cryptocurrency
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Person-to-person cryptocurrency (Bitcoin...) exchange


Buyers and sellers can coordinate with

$ torsocks ssh anon@6kccmmjywmbo7reoftlq7eijkq3emj7ym7mywvsctlzlukmtvs5h4tad.onion

or alternatively without tor ssh

powered by ssh-chat


You dirty speculators, can you please f.. off?
No. From "All creatures welcome" it follows that attendands can not be forced to use any particular currency. Not everyone lives in the Euro-Zone and it is well-known that fiat currency conversion fees are an expensive scam. Believe it or not, some countries have strict capital controls there are people in this world who don't have access to the banking system at all. Please understand that some creatures depend on using a free currency.

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