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Description This was a small project to collect the recipes from to a structured form.
Has website
Organized by Aimeejulia
Persons working on
Tags eco-friendly, recipes, Python
Located at assembly Assembly:Eco Hacker Farm
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Information that could be calculated from this data:

  • Analysis of foods to their components, and representing this analysis in a graphical tree format.
  • Higher-level feature to powerplant: currently a list of plants is given and powerplant divides those to beds for planting.
  • Giving the list of purposes (recipes) would not only make it possible to determine the list of plants but also the amounts that would be needed.

Having more data would make both of these purposes more interesting. If you have nice recipes and would like to contribute them for us to try, you can leave them in the pad in the format that you prefer (bare links or copy-pasted recipes are fine!).

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