Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Video and audio streaming during #cccamp15

As with most chaos events, c3voc and friends will cater for recording and streaming of the lectures in the two main tents. On the campsite you will be able to watch them on DVB-T channels 35, 40, 49 or listen to them on your DECT or GSM phone (numbers 8001 & 8002 and 8011 & 8012 for simultaneous interpretation). There will be programming broadcast on FM radio at 89.30 MHz and DAB at 211.648 MHz (channel 10B).

If you participate via the internet, you can enjoy our live streams using your favorite device at If all goes well, we will also provide ReLive streamdumps there, in case you missed a lecture. We’ll experiment with multicast streams, check back with us at for more information. After the event, all recorded lectures will be available in better quality on Beware of lectures marked as „optout“ in the schedule – we will neither stream nor record them!

As a special service for the villages and their participants who’d like to broadcast, we will also provide a free audio-streaming infrastructure. It’s for everybody on the Camp site, who wants to transmit music, sound or noise to the world wide webs. Those streams will appear side-by-side with the main video- and audio-streams at If you would like to publish one or more such streams, please visit the corresponding wiki page. We’ll publish more information there, once the service is up and running.

If you are interested in our activities or just want to visit, you can find us on the campsite in our container next to the big lecture tent „Project 2501“, or follow us on twitter.

Start #cccamp directly in Berlin

There will be a bus-shuttle from Berlin directly to the campsite! 

Departure: Berlin Ostbahnhof (East-Station)
Arrival: Camp \o/

Getting there: 
– Wednesday, August 12th, 15:00 (3 PM) 
– Thursday, August 13th, 15:00 (3 PM)

Getting back: 
– Sunday, August 16th, 15:00 (3 PM)
– Monday, August 17th, 15:00 (3 PM)

Reservation opens today, Thursday 6th August, 12:00 (noon), please go ahead:

If you want to have a bus at another time, please gather enough people for that date via the wiki. As soon as there are more than 30 people interested in getting a bus at another time, we will try to arrange that for you. Please drop us an email to the main orga address once there are more than 30 people signed up for one date.

Ticket system re-opens Friday, 2015-07-31, 22:00 CEST

  • Unpaid tickets ordered before July 16th are dropped now. Do not pay for those anymore!
  • There will be 250 tickets made available on Friday, 2015-07-31, at 22:00 CEST sharp!
  • Please pay for your precious ticket immediately after you have ordered it! Ask friends to help you out!
  • Once those 250 tickets are gone, you can create a verpeiler-friends-request.
  • We all need to move closer together to have enough space for everyone.

Verpeiler-friends-request? If you don’t get your ticket on Friday, you have one very last, very tiny chance: Go to the ticket system and convince us that you are one of our dearest verpeiler-friends. There won’t be many of those tickets available. Also you need to be very patient waiting for a reply. Please try really hard to order your ticket on Friday, 22:00 CEST! We are sold out!

We had a pretty difficult time now: so many messages from so many people wondering if there are any tickets left.

We felt we couldn’t break all those hearts and have managed to increase the number of available tickets a tiny bit. That way we won’t have to turn as many of you away; but this also means we’ll need to share the resources amongst more people – less camping space, less time in the shower, less electricity for everyone at the camp. Please keep this in mind – especially once you arrive – build your tents as close together as possible and consider merging spaces. Sharing is part of the Camp spirit!

Let’s have a camping Fahrplan!

There are only a few days left and we are late but finally it is here: the Fahrplan for the Chaos Communication Camp 2015. Due to circumstances we had some lags, but finally we made it!

Please note this safety advices by going through the Fahrplan to pick your sessions:

  1. There is a new track: Failosophy. Read more about it in the Call for Papers.
  2. Mind the gap between 12:30 and 16:00. This is siesta-time where no lecture will be held in the lecture-tents. We decided to do so as this timeframe will be incredibly hot and we do not want to constipate you in tents while the heats is rushing over the campsite. (However, there may be a self-organized session going on elsewhere)
  3. There are still other gaps which will be filled magically within the next days till camp. Please come back on a regular basis to get the new talks.
  4. There are Fahrplan Apps. Please move on to the Fahrplan-App wiki-page to see which are available.
  5. For our pleasure and your curiosity we have a naming scheme for the releases of the Fahrplan. Maybe it is to easy, maybe to hard to figure it out. Let’s see what you can do with it.

Enough said – have a look at the first public available Fahrplan (Version 0.8 first and last and always) of the Chaos Communication Camp 2015.

We will meet each other in Mildenberg!


Camp tickets sold out? Not entirely….

– Yes, at this very moment you cannot order any tickets.
– There are unpaid tickets reserved, that we’ll put back into sale.
– We will tell you around 24 hours before.

There is a ten day payment duration. We know you(*), so we usually take this deadline fairly easy. As a campsite has restrictions in space and infrastructure, it is not possible to have more people than space actually available. 4500 Tickets have already gone over the digital cash desk, but we haven’t received the money for all of them.

Now we apparently need to take it less easy: We clean up all our ticket-related issues, like friends and upgrades, before dropping unpaid tickets that passed the due date.

If you have paid more than 4 business days ago, but your ticket is still marked as unpaid, please contact us and provide identifying information about your payment: your IBAN, account holder’s name, payment reference, payment date, etc.

If you ordered your ticket and the due date already passed, you are lost. Go and get a ticket once we put yours back into sale.
SEPA transfers until Sunday might still reach us in time. Non-SEPA international transfers definitively will not! Every payment made after the weekend will neither!
It causes us a lot work if you pay too late, cause we have to bounce your payment manually. Please help each other out with the payment, and distribute this message within your friends&families. Also think about directly pinging usual suspects that you want to see at camp to make sure that they get their ticket!

  • and ourselves, the usual suspects.
    Or: “wir kennen doch unsere Pappenheimer… aeh… Verpeiler!”

Lightning Talks

German version below.


You got your ticket to the Camp.  Next question: What would you like to say?

If you can share your ideas, thoughts, hacks, projects, camp or quick entertaining performance in front of a huge audience in five minutes or less, you should give a Lightning Talk!

These sessions of short presentations are a great way to catch an overview of the amazing things your fellow campgoers are doing. While most of the talks focus on software and hardware projects or overviews of self organized sessions, there’s always an occasional creative prank or simply inexplicable moment you’ll want to see in person.

If you’ve never given a talk on stage before, speak at conferences for a living and MUST BE HEARD at the camp or live somewhere between those two extremes–the Lightning Talks are for you! There’s no curation, it’s just a matter of following directions. Slots are assigned first-come, first-served basis.

Registration is now open for the Lightning Talk sessions at the camp. As with anything around here, get your talk in before there’s no slots left to give!



Nachdem du dein Camp-Ticket gekauft hast stellt sich die Frage: Über was wirst du auf dem Camp reden?

Hast du irgendwelche Gedanken oder Ideen, ein Projekt oder einen Hack oder etwas anderes, das du vor einem großen Publikum in maximal fünf Minuten präsentieren willst, solltest du einen Lightning-Talk anmelden.

Bei Lightning-Talks geht es darum in einer kurzen Präsentation einen Überblick über viele der Themen zu bekommen mit denen sich andere Camp-Besucher beschäftigen. Obwohl sich auch hier vieles um Software, Hardware, Projekte oder Sessions dreht gibt es auch immer wieder lustige und unbeschreibliche Momente, die man persönlich gesehen haben muss.

Egal, ob du noch nie einen Vortrag auf einer Bühne gehalten hast oder ob du dein Brot als Speaker auf Konferenzen verdienst und unbedingt etwas loswerden musst, sind Lightning-Talks wie für dich gemacht! Dabei gibt es keine Vorauswahl oder Sortierung der Themen und Slots. Alles funktioniert nach einem einfachen Prinzip: First-Come, First-Served.

Die Registrierung für deinen Talk haben wir heute geöffnet. Registriere deinen Talk am besten sofort, bevor alle Slots belegt sind.



Power – Distribution

(German version below)

As previously mentioned in the last blog post related to the topic, the power is unfortunately limited and each kWh is very expensive and not really environment friendly.

Our goal is to provide a basic supply for everyone present. The basic supply means: laptop power adapter, cell phone and DECT chargers.

Our generators produce about 1.8 megawatts. The above-mentioned basic supply is about 0.9 megawatts. We have to add power consumption of infrastructure, lighting, workshop tents, lecture halls, restaurants and other stuff. So there is actually not a lot of room for unexpected loads.

The current planned design is documented at the corresponding wiki page. There is the electrical distribution plan as well as a list of available outlets:

The dots in the orange boxes are the individual generators. The related boxes in purple/red /blue with the letter + number (e.g. C5 ) are each distribution boxes. The legend at the bottom left indicates which distribution box type has exactly how many outlets.

In the list some outlets are already occupied by infrastructure or other villages.
This list is “work in progress”. For example, it still lacks lighting, sewage pumps, decoration and others.

Now you come into play: Have a look at the electrical distribution plan for the distribution box near your village location. Add a comment to the sockets you want to use to the list. Ensure that you have given a contact mail address at your village wiki page.
If somebody else reserved the socket you wanted to use and you really need that socket, contact the other village and try to find a solution together.

Also go through your list and check again whether your devices are really essential and if you can not go without something.

Certain devices are not allowed in general:

  • air conditioners
  • large electric kitchen appliances (stoves, refrigerators, freezer, hobs, dishwashers)
  • electric heaters (yes even pool heaters)

If your devices are rated for power consumption greater than 2 kW, prior send a message to

In general:
Adding a entry to the list of available outlet and registration of your equipment is still not a license to do everything you want. Depending on the network load, it may be possible that we have to take loads from the grid or even don’t allow them to be connected.

After you registered your equipment you will get feedback with the chance of a connection for the device. Since we still don’t know how busy the grid will be in certain places we can’t give you any guarantee on connections.
If a connection isn’t allowed, we will inform you directly of course, so you don’t need to bring the device.

Finally, we want to call everybody for a fair dealing with the power division among themselves.

German version:

Wie in dem letzten Blog-Post zum Thema schon angesprochen ist der Strom leider limitiert und auch die kWh ist sehr teuer und nicht gerade umweltfreundlich.

Unsere Zielsetzung ist es jeden Anwesenden mit einer Grundversorgung sicherzustellen. Die Grundversorgung bedeutet: Laptopnetzteil, Handy-Ladegerät, DECT-Ladegerät.

Mit unseren Aggregaten erzeugen wir etwa 1,8 Megawatt Leistung vor Ort. Die oben angesprochene Grundversorgung liegt etwa bei 0,9 Megawatt. Dazu kommt noch die Infrastruktur, Beleuchtung, Workshopzelte, Vortragssäle, Gastronomie und weiteres. Es ist also tatsächlich nicht viel Luft nach oben.

Die aktuelle Planung kann im Wiki eingesehen werden. Es gibt dort den Elektroverteilerplan sowie eine Liste der verfügbaren Steckdosen:

Die runden Punkte in den orangenen Boxen sind jeweils die einzelnen Generatoren. Die damit verbundenen Boxen in lila/rot/blau mit Buchstabe+Zahl z.B. C5 sind die einzelnen Verteiler, siehe auch die Legende unten links. In dieser Legende ist auch angegeben wie viele Steckdosen welcher Verteiltertyp genau hat.

In der Liste sind schon belegte Steckdosen markiert und die von der Infrastruktur benutzten Steckdosen vorgemerkt.
Diese Liste ist “work in progress”. So fehlen hier z.B. noch Licht, Abwasserpumpen, Deko und weiteres.

Nun kommt ihr ins Spiel. Schaut in dem Plan nach welche Verteiler bei euch in der Nähe stehen und tragt in die Liste ein welche Ausgänge ihr benutzen möchtet. Achtet darauf, dass ihr eine funktionierende Kontaktemailadresse auf euer Village Seite zu stehen habt.
Solltet ihr feststellen, dass jemand anders schneller war als ihr, ihr aber unbedingt diese Steckdose braucht, dann schreibt das Village an, dass sich eingetragen hat und versucht miteinander eine Lösung zu finden.

Bitte geht auch in euch und prüft noch einmal, ob eure Geräte wirklich lebensnotwendig sind und ob ihr nicht auf etwas verzichten könnt.

Bestimmte Geräte können schon im Vorfeld als nicht erlaubt betrachtet werden:

  • Klimaanlage
  • Elektrische Küchengroßgeräte (Öfen, Kühlschränke, Tiefkühler, Kochfelder, Spülmaschinen)
  • Heizungen

Bei anderen Geräten die eine Anschlussleistung über 2 kW besitzen ist eine vorherige Information an notwendig.

Generell gilt:
Eine Eintragung in der Liste und eine Anmeldung der Geräte ist noch kein Freibrief. je nach Netzauslastung kann es möglich sein das wir Verbraucher vom Netz nehmen müssen oder gar nicht erst anschließen lassen.

Nach dem ihr eure Geräte angemeldet habt, bekommt ihr von uns ein Feedback wie die Chancen auf einen Anschluss des Gerätes stehen. Da wir selber noch nicht wissen wie ausgelastet das Netz an bestimmten Stellen sein wird, können wir euch keine Garantie auf ein Netzanschluss geben.
Sollte ein Netzanschluss aber ausgeschlossen sein, werden wir euch dann natürlich direkt informieren. so dass ihr das Gerät dann auch nicht mitzubringen braucht.

Zum Schluss möchten wir noch einmal zu einem fairen Umgang mit der Stromaufteilung untereinander aufrufen.