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Description Supporting visitors and having fun in the network:
  • Virtual machine hosting
  • harddrive hosting/locker with own hardware based NAS for all who can't bring their own server
  • more servers and bandwidth than last year!
  • Tor relay configuration help and discussion
  • blinken lights, ESP8266, WS2812 LED stuff, Arduino
  • Jahreshauptversammlung of the Cyberwehr! ;-)
Members Harm, Piet
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags onion routing, hosting, tor, networking, arduino, virtual machines, vm
Registered on 18 November 2016 19:34:45
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Orga contact
Brings * locker type of cabinet to store visitors harddrives
  • mil-spec server-rack (noisy! heavy!)
  • network stuff. 10G fiber ports nearby required! We can provide bandwidth to nearby tables, if needed.
  • lot of hardware
  • blinkenlights and stuff
Projects * hosting support for new visitors and anyone who needs help with his/her/its VM etc.
  • tor related talks to interested people
  • maybe some spontaneous arduino workshops
Uses money no money handling
Plays TING no
Plays TING skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 4
Extra seats 2
Assembly specification want loud place, want sit in background, special requirements network, special requirements power, special requirements other stated below
Planning notes * 10G fibre from the colo down the pile as last year
  • 240V 16A power (not shared with others)
past congress review If you need an english text, please contact us. Thanks.

Muss ich auf Deutsch schreiben, damit das eindeutig ist. Sorry.

Unser Standort letztes Jahr war schon sehr gut. Wir waren im Erdgeschoss im hintersten Saal (mit der Bühne), direkt unter dem "Balkon", auf der die Colocation ist. Rechte Ecke, wenn man zur Bühne guckt. Direkt am Pfeiler.

Gut geeignet, um die Glasfaserstrippen von oben runter zu bringen.

Wunsch für dieses Jahr: der Platz direkt "gegenüber" des Gangs, direkt neben dem Durchgang zum nächsten Raum. Auch unter dem "Balkon". Hintergrund: unsere Server sind sehr laut und haben die benachbarten Assemblies sehr gestört. Das könnte man dort noch etwas besser "abschirmen", wenn wir die Ecke für uns bekommen. Außerdem braucht unser Spind eine Wand zum sicheren Aufstellen (keine versehentlichen Anrempler). Da gehen regelmäßig Teilnehmer ran, um ihre Festplatten zu tauschen usw. Dieses Jahr haben wir noch mehr Maschinen, da wir letztes Jahr extrem schnell "ausgebucht" waren.

Eine Karte des Wunsch-Standorts: blau: alter Standort, rot: gewünschter Standort.

Bei Fragen gerne melden. :)


Dhs seal.png

What we do

You cannot bring your own machine to 33c3 but you want to have some fun on the network? No problem. We bring a bunch of nettop computers and a metal cabinet with separately lockable compartments, each one having a USB and a power socket. Bring your USB harddrive and get a machine! We also offer virtual machines (VMs) to everyone. This year the virtual machines will NOT have USB support. We had some issues with that last year. If you want to connect your USB drive, you can get your own hardware (nettop with lockable metal cabinet for your drive).

We love the tor network. We run a 100 Mbit exit relay and encourage you to also do that. If you

  • want to run a tor relay, but don't know how to start
  • run a tor relay that does not use all the bandwidth you think it should
  • run a tor relay and like to meet other relay operators

we would like to meet you. Just pass by and say the secret passphrase "All your onions are belong to us!".

Hardware needed!

DHS cables

We want to extend our service. Currently we're looking for the following hardware (donated or sold to us):

  • USB 3.0 PCIe cards
  • USB 3.0 Hubs (active)
  • any kind of USB 3.0 cables
  • 24-48 Port GBit-switch with SFP, if possible
  • any kind of SFP modules
  • any kind of SAS and SATA harddrives
  • any kind of 19" servers with 4+ GB RAM