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Website https://fairloetet.de
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Description Location: Coffeenerds!

What could an exploitation-free future of electronic products look like? Nowadays, there are slavery-like labour conditions embedded into almost any device. We’re trying to change that! Join us for a chat about the real footprint of our electronic devices.

We’re providing a cosy space for you to explore the plentitude of material that’s out there, and to develop strategies forward. We’re looking for your input to figure out how we, as a community, can effect real change. We at FairLötet have spent a lot of time researching and thinking about this, and we’ll have members present at the assembly as frequently as possible. So come and discuss!

FairLötet is a non-profit organisation dedicated to social responsibility in the electronics sector. Founded in 2015, we cooperated with a company to develop a “fair” soldering wire which is largely free from human exploitation. Since then, we have been developing educational materials on social problems especially around resource extraction.

We believe in a pragmatic approach to fairness, where companies in the electronics sector, including startups and individual makers, can be partners and drivers towards improving the prevalent conditions throughout their supply chains. Our goal at 33C3 is therefore to engage the community in a dialogue about possible actions and challenges. Come visit us if you’re involved in electronics, or if you’re simply a user who wants to learn more!

Members Dakira, Xian
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Registered on 27 November 2016 13:29:35
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Orga contact s.beschke@fairloetet.de
Brings Some info material (flyers / handouts)

A poster or two Optionally, some of our fair soldering wire for sale (see planning notes). We hope to secure a sofa and an armchair from the deko team in cooperation with coffeenerds (see planning notes below); if that isn’t possible, we’ll bring some own furniture seating around 4 people.

Projects We’re planning a research-a-thon where we identify topics we would like to know more about, and gather information together with interested visitors. We’re still fleshing this out a bit, but it would be going on across the whole event both on-location at the assembly, and online through a wiki.
Uses money yes we handle money
Plays TING yes
Plays TING skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 3
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want quiet place, want sit public, want bright light
Planning notes We’ve talked to the Coffeenerds about a possible co-location and they agree that this would be a good idea. The idea is that fair trade is also a big topic with coffee. In addition, we’re aiming for a cosy living-room-like atmosphere, which would also match. If a co-location doesn’t prove to be possible, having some space where this is possible (e.g. enough space to put a sofa and an armchair) would be nice. A back wall for posters would be super helpful.

Regarding the money-handling: FairLötet sells a “fair” soldering wire made from recycled metals. This is not only a funding source for our (gemeinnützig according to the German financial administration) association, but also meant to encourage people to make small improvements in their supply chains. We would like to sell some on site within limited hours (e.g. for 1-2 hours each day). This would also be the best option for people from overseas to grab some, as our online shop doesn’t ship internationally. It would be great if this was possible; if you think it’s not fitting, we won’t need to handle any money, either.

past congress review Last year, FairLötet had a small booth-like assembly in a very busy area. That was nice for having a lot of people to interact with, but a bit uncomfortable for longer conversations – which is what we’re really looking for. This year we would be aiming for something quieter, more comfortable also for our own members, and much less centered around selling our stuff.