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I'd like to give some feedback to the Assemblies. I registered one Assembly (EDRi) together with my Collegue and had only basic requirements; space for 10-15 people, room to show our flag and flyers (like the EDRi Digital Guide to the Internet for Kids, supported by CmS).

  • Location 1: I wasn't able to see the location of the EDRi Assembly on the location-map. Maybe because I use adblocker, maybe because some javascripts are not allowed to run. But whichever browser I used, I wasn't able to find the location. Also c3nav hasn't found the Assembly.
  • Location 2: After Calling via DECT I got told that it's in "Noisy Square". But no map showed where that is. No problem, someone mentioned the same space as last year, there I at least found EFF. BUT:
  • Location 3: No table was marked as "EDRi". Or if it was, someone else was using it already. Since we both had to work and were also angels on the congress, we haven't had the time to come earlier to fetch the table(s). So, when I came, there was no space for us. Walther was able to fetch one table, but that table was in the middle of everything and we weren't able to hang anything on it to show where we are.

I would like to ask for something next time: Tell within the Assembly-form how many tables and chairs are meant for this assemble and where it shall be found. I could speculate how many tables we should have have, but I can neither confirm nor deny any other group taken the wrong tables. Is there a way to get an (automated) mail with these informations? Maybe also details of the groups around and their tables so you can check and see what has to be done on the floor? that would be great!

-- Rince