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#tuwat, make congress accessible for all creatures

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Deutsche Version unten

Are you suffering from post-congress withdrawal? Do you want to watch congress talks but keep scrolling, thinking “meh”?
#tuwat, watch talks and be a productive part of congress at the same time!
Our subtitling efforts continue between congresses, join us on and in our IRC channel #subtitles on!

What’s there to do?

Creating subtitles comprises two phases: writing the transcript and mapping it to the video.
For the first phase you will need to correct an autogenerated transcript. If you would rather like to write a transcript from scratch, you are of course free to go ahead. When the transcript is finished, timestamps for the subtitles will be automatically generated. Then you watch the video with the subtitles playing along, adjust the timings where appropriate, and check the transcript in one single step.

Welcome to the team!

You need subtitles?

There is a talk which you would like to watch but can’t since it doesn’t have any subtitles yet?
Contact us! We will do our best to prioritise your prefered talk! Visit us in #subtitles on[1] or send us a message via Twitter: @c3subtitles.

You’ll find the finished subtitles at

Follow @c3srt_releases on Twitter to stay up to date!

English version above

Du hast Post-Congress-Entzugserscheinungen? Du möchtest eigentlich Talks schauen, das endet aber damit, dass du auf scrollst und von nichts richtig überzeugt bist?
#tuwat, schau Talks und sei gleichzeitig ein aktiver Part vom Congress!
Hilf uns mit dem Untertiteln für die Aufzeichnungen!
Du findest uns auf und im IRC-Channel #subtitles auf

Was gibt es zu tun?

Die fertigen Untertitel entstehen in zwei Phasen: Zunächst wird ein Transkript erstellt, das dann zum Video synchronisiert wird.
Für das Transkript musst du automatisch generierte Untertitel verbessern und nötigenfalls ergänzen. Danach wird das Transkript automatisch getimed.
Zum Schluss musst du das Video mitsamt der Untertitel einmal ansehen und dabei, sofern nötig, die Timings anpassen sowie eventuelle Fehler korrigieren.

Willkommen im Team!

Du brauchst Untertitel?

Es gibt einen Vortrag, den du dir furchtbar gern ansehen möchtest, welcher aber noch keine Untertitel hat? Kontaktiere uns! Wir bemühen uns dann, diesen Vortrag möglichst schnell fertigzustellen. Schau in #subtitles auf [1] vorbei oder schick uns an @c3subtitles auf Twitter eine Nachricht. Die fertigen Untertitel findest du unter

Folge @c3srt_releases auf Twitter, um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben.


Call for Subtitles

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

Deutsche Version weiter unten.

As you might know, during 32c3 the Subtitles Angels created real-time subtitles for all the talks which took place in Hall 1 and 2. These allowed hearing impaired visitors to follow the talks, and also provided assistance to the non-native German or English speakers.

As the last recordings are being released, the task of creating subtitles for all recording has started. For this we need your help!
If you have the capacity to create subtitles for a talk (perhaps one you wanted to watch in detail anyway), could translate a transcript or would like to do quality control, please check out and join #subtitles on hackint.

Being new to subtitling CCC talks is not a problem at all. Getting started is easy. And if transcribing is not for you, you can always work on the translations and quality control.

If you are willing to help, please take a minute to read through the new work-flow and style guide.
Please also read through these if you have previous experience subtitling CCC talks, because we have redesigned the entire interface to include Amara.

The finished subtitles will be released into the CDN and announced via Twitter at @c3srt_releases.

P.S. Remember the audio problems during the opening eventSubtitles were available all the way through. :-)
And by the way, subtitles also allow machine-indexing of the recordings. That means things like searchable archives become possible.

Wie Ihr vielleicht wisst, haben die Subtitles Angels alle Vorträge des 32c3, die in Saal 1 & 2 stattfanden, in Echtzeit untertitelt. Dies erlaubte Besuchern, die schlecht oder gar nicht hören können, trotzdem den Talks zu folgen. Zudem unterstützte dies auch Hacker, die nicht muttersprachlich Deutsch oder Englisch sprechen.

german subtitles

Foto: CC BY-NC 2.0 by spanier via flickr

Während nun die letzten Aufzeichnungen des Congress veröffentlicht werden, hat die Untertitelung der aufgezeichneten Talks begonnen. Dafür brauchen wir Eure Hilfe!

Solltet Ihr Lust haben, ein Video zu untertiteln (vielleicht von einem Talk, den ihr sowieso schauen wolltet) oder Qualitätssicherung zu machen, indem Ihr den Talk anschaut und kleinere Fehler und Timings korrigiert, oder auch fertige Untertitel zu übersetzen: Schaut bitte bei oder in #subtitles (auf hackint) vorbei.

Solltet Ihr mit der Oberfläche von und dem Untertiteln von CCC-Vorträgen nicht vertraut sein, schaut Euch einfach den Workflow sowie die Untertitelstandards an. Fertige Untertitel werden im CDN veröffentlicht und via Twitter bei @c3srt_releases bekanntgegeben.

P.S. Erinnert Ihr Euch an die Audioprobleme während des Opening Events? Die Untertitel funktionierten den ganzen Talk hindurch. :-)
Übrigens: Untertitel machen ein maschinendurchsuchbares Vortragsarchiv möglich.

Incredible Camp Trailer

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen – We proudly present… The Project Flow Control trailer.

You can download this fine piece of 3D animation art from or enjoy watching it right here, right now.

Thanks to Marten and e-punc – you rock!

Change of Plan — Video Streams For Peace Missions

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

In one of our last posts we’ve invited all peace missions to register their IP addresses by mail. Registered IP addresses will be granted access to a dedicated video streaming relay.

We’ve received mails from lots of people, who’d like to set up a peace mission and gave us their IP address. So far, so good – it’s cool to see so much interest. Unfortunately, now you’ve invested time for sending us an email, we do change the registration procedure.

There will be a web site, where peace missions can register. After we’ve acknowledged a registration you may add or change your IP address on the white list.

Those of you, who already sent us an email, please re-register again by using that web interface.

We don’t know the URL yet, but we’ll post it as soon as we know it here and on the Peace Missions page in the wiki.

Please register your Peace Mission at 27c3 Peacekeeper to get guaranteed Bandwidth!

Bessere Congress-Videos — Spenden für die FEM

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Ein Hinweis in nicht nur eigener Sache:

Die FEM, welche uns bereits seit mehr als 6 Jahren mit dem Filmen, Schneiden, Streamen und Archivieren des Congresses unterstützt, möchte ihr Equipment und damit die Qualität der Videos verbessern.

Daher geben wir deren Bitte um Unterstützung mit Freude an euch weiter. Weitere Informationen und einen Spenden-Button finden sich auf deren Webseite:

Another thing…

The FEM, which helped us for more than 6 years with filming, cutting, streaming and archiving the Congress, needs to buy new and better equipment for a better video quality.

We’re pleased to communicate their call for participation. Please visit their website for more information and the donation-button:

SIGINT10 recordings available

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Some of you might have already noticed that the biggest part of this year’s SIGINT recordings were published on These videos are also available for online viewing in your web browser in our media archive. (more…)

SIGINT 2009 audio and video recordings available

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

“For every month of preparation time that you did not have before recording an event add three months of work afterwards”. That might be a rule of thumb. Well, we had five days after spontaneously deciding to stand in and record SIGINT 2009. Due to the short preparation and setup time audio distortions occurred. If it would only have been for the notorious 50Hz/60Hz hum. Fortunately we were able to restore anything. Unfortunately this had to be done by hand.

But now the recordings have finally materialized! While most of the lectures were held in german there is also some english material available. The encoded SIGINT Video and Audio Recordings can be directly retrieved from Most people might prefer streaming video via We recorded in 720×576 DV, Stereo. The encoding was done in H.264 with AAC in an MP4 container.

For most of us recording and video-editing were a first-timer; an exception were the encoding people. While it was a hassle most of the time it was a chance to play with interesting hardware and learn something. Thanks to anyone who helped!

The recordings are licensed under a Creative-Commons-Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany license. Please consider spreading and mirroring.

In the next few weeks a SIGINT-Doku will likely be made available.

Update: Torrent of all available audio materials