#tuwat, make congress accessible for all creatures

Are you suffering from post-congress withdrawal? Do you want to watch congress talks but keep scrolling media.ccc.de, thinking “meh”?
#tuwat, watch talks and be a productive part of congress at the same time!
Our subtitling efforts continue between congresses, join us on c3subtitles.de and in our IRC channel #subtitles on hackint.org!

What’s there to do?

Creating subtitles comprises two phases: writing the transcript and mapping it to the video.
For the first phase you will need to correct an autogenerated transcript. If you would rather like to write a transcript from scratch, you are of course free to go ahead. When the transcript is finished, timestamps for the subtitles will be automatically generated. Then you watch the video with the subtitles playing along, adjust the timings where appropriate, and check the transcript in one single step.

Welcome to the team!

You need subtitles?

There is a talk which you would like to watch but can’t since it doesn’t have any subtitles yet?
Contact us! We will do our best to prioritise your preferred talk! Visit us in #subtitles on irc.hackint.org1 or send us a message via Twitter: @c3subtitles.

You’ll find the finished subtitles at

Follow @c3srt_releases on Twitter to stay up to date!

[0] https://c3subtitles.de
1 https://webirc.hackint.org/#irc://hackint.org/#subtitles
2 https://wiki.c3subtitles.de/en:styleguide
3 https://wiki.c3subtitles.de/de:styleguide
[4] http://mirror.selfnet.de/c3subtitles/congress/