Have you set up your Peace Mission yet?

Have you set up your Peace Mission yet?

We want you to come together in Peace Missions all over the world!

Following the success of the dragons everywhere experiment from the 26c3, hackers all over the world are organizing events to bring the 27c3 closer to home. They’re gathering to create their own Hack Center experience, watch the streams, participate via twitter or chats, drink Tschunk, cook and have a good time.

Following your suggestions from last year, the Herald Angels are hard at work exploring ways you can participate live in the events! Heralds will be in #behindenemylines on Freenode during selected talks to help you ask questions and participate in events from the streams in your Peace Mission.

If you have other cool ideas how to make the distributed 27C3 the coolest congress ever, just comment on what you can bring, what you’d like to see and what you need from 27C3 Berlin orga. See the Google map and add your location to it!

Register your IP addresses

There will be no VPN this year, instead the external streaming relays will offer guaranteed bandwidth for streaming to registered IP addresses.

Therefore, please send your static IP to: 27c3-peacemissions at cccv dot de

Source image of the Banksy Bethlehem Peace Dove by Luxerta , remixed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.