rC3 Call for Subtitlers


Have you been hit by lockdown, you’re bored and you are craving for more chaos event feeling? Are you sitting at home and watching recorded Talks from rC3 and past Chaos events?
Bring a little bit of rC3 to your home and help with improving quality and accessibility of the CCC recordings! You can work on the subtitles from the comfort of your home, as long or as short as you like to!

How does this work?
The transcripts are generated automatically by speech recognition software and improved and corrected by you. Since talks contain lots of domain-specific terms and may have speakers with heavy accents, this is very much necessary. The next step is again automated: aligning the subtitles to the audio. Again, the result of this process is verified by you. Afterwards, the subtitles are finished!

For a more in-depth description and how-tos, take a look at c3subtitles Wiki. You can find the current status of any talk in our database on c3subtitles.de.

If you have any questions, contact us via any of the channels below!

You need subtitles? Let us know which talks you are interested in!


What if I want subtitles for a different stage?

You are part of an organisation / Erfa / Hackerspace (Chaos-West, WikiPaka, ChaosTrawler, Chaoszone, Sendezentrum, Bitwäscherei Zürich, c-base, hacc München, OIO, Chaosstudio – and all the others) which recorded and published videos during rC3?
And you would like to improve accessibility of your talks via subtitles.
Send us a message via Rocket-Chat in #subtitles or another way, see below:
What do you need:

  • A contact person for us,
  • A file containing a Fahrplan-File,
  • Publicly available videos, and
  • Motivation to take accessibility into your own hands

(Spoiler: the faster you are, the higher the chance for automatically generated transcripts by Trint – we still have credits!)

By the way: With subtitles you can make the video content machines searchable! Search for this query on media: “war das perfekte Argument dabei..”! Media can already do that: Check 14 minutes in on media.ccc.de/v/rc3-11583-rc3_eroffnung.