SIGINT 2009 audio and video recordings available

“For every month of preparation time that you did not have before recording an event add three months of work afterwards”. That might be a rule of thumb. Well, we had five days after spontaneously deciding to stand in and record SIGINT 2009. Due to the short preparation and setup time audio distortions occurred. If it would only have been for the notorious 50Hz/60Hz hum. Fortunately we were able to restore anything. Unfortunately this had to be done by hand.

But now the recordings have finally materialized! While most of the lectures were held in German there is also some english material available. The encoded SIGINT Video and Audio Recordings can be directly retrieved from Most people might prefer streaming video via We recorded in 720×576 DV, Stereo. The encoding was done in H.264 with AAC in an MP4 container.

For most of us recording and video-editing were a first-timer; an exception were the encoding people. While it was a hassle most of the time it was a chance to play with interesting hardware and learn something. Thanks to anyone who helped!

The recordings are licensed under a Creative-Commons-Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany license. Please consider spreading and mirroring.

In the next few weeks a SIGINT-Doku will likely be made available.

Update: Torrent of all available audio materials