SIGINT10 recordings available

Some of you might have already noticed that the biggest part of this year’s SIGINT recordings were published on These videos are also available for online viewing in your web browser in our media archive.

The last bunch of videos will be available after manual cutting and reencoding. Unfortunately this needs some time. But it will not be forgotten. This is the list of those 28 missing files to complete the 68 recordings in total:

  • “cognitive_cities”
  • “the_medium_is_the_messiah”
  • “computer.spiele.politik”
  • “buying_privacy_in_digitized_cities”
  • “future_3.0”
  • “heart_of_gold”
  • “die_gescheiterte_revolution”
  • “die_kirche_im_staat_lassen”
  • “the_road_to_hell_is_paved_with_best_practices”
  • “volkszaehler”
  • “der_bug”
  • “hoist_the_colours”
  • “keykeriki_v2”
  • “peer_to_peer_communism”
  • “datenbrief”
  • “reach_out_and_touch_face”
  • “das_leben_der_anderen”
  • “indect”
  • “misstraue_autoritäten”
  • “auf_schritt_und_tritt”
  • “interaktive_demokratie”
  • “identitaets-kriege”
  • “digitaler_steuerbuerger”
  • “die_verfassungsbeschwerde_in_sachen_elena”
  • “deutschlandradio_-_breitband”
  • “(dis-)connected_worlds”
  • “eine_zensur_findet_statt”
  • “schoene_neue_kreative_welt”

The videos are in an Matroska format with the video encoded in x264 720p and audio in Ogg Vorbis. Feel free to reencode these videos in your favorite format for watching on your handheld and mobile devices.

Comments and recommendations are appreciated.