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Description Hacking in the language Forth
Members Mecrisp
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Tags robot, blinkenlight, programming, embedded
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Die Forth-Gesellschaft ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der das Hacken in der Programmiersprache Forth bewirbt. Wir bringen Roboter mit (Triceps pick&place, Bitkanone 2.0 movable Blinkenlight, Stirlingmotor-Prüfstand), und zeigen net2o, ein peer2peer-Netzwerk in Forth implementiert. Entwickler bekannter Forth-Systeme wie Gforth (PC) und Mecrisp (embedded ARM) werden an der Assembly sein.

Forth Gesellschaft is a non profit organization which promotes hacking in the programming language Forth. We have robots with us (Triceps pick&place, Bitcannon 2.0 movable Blinkenlight, Stirling motor test bench), and also show net2o, a peer2peer network implemented in Forth. Developers of well-known Forth systems such as Gforth (PC) and Mecrisp (embedded ARM) will show up on the assembly.

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