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Description This years iteration of the C3 CTF with a space for all CTF teams playing.
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Please find all relevant information about the CTF itself on

UPDATE #1: We will not be hosting the junior CTF this year, but ESPR will! For more information go to and join in IRC @ freenode | #kuchenblech.

The 36C3 CTF assembly is an area for all teams that are participating in the CTF. There will be multiple tables and chairs for you to sit down and hack more (tm). We do not provide any special infrastructure, so switches, cabling, and power distribution is up to you!

Please use c3nav to find your assigned seats:,423.08,440.83,5 Please keep in mind that we might have more teams and player than seats, in this case please ask first before sitting with another team as they might be hacking closely together.

The organizers are over here: Assembly:36C3_CTF_Orga

Now please hack!

xoxo hxp

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