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Description Assembly for the blind & visually impaired community at 36c3
Members Nwng, Saizai
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions Alles ganz anders!, Blind Navigation workshop, C3blind community meetup
Tags vision, disability, blindness, diversity
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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c3blind is an assembly by and for the blind/visually impaired community at Chaos Communication Congress with the additional goal of sensitizing people for our special requirements and overall accessibility.

At Congress, we help the blind and visually impaired in several, but informal ways. Talk to us if you need to get somewhere and don't know where it is, would like audio descriptions of talk slides or there is something else that bothers you. We'll try to fulfill all of your wishes and connect you to the right people if we can't do something on our own.

If you are sighted and have a question, please also don't hesitate to get in touch! We're always happy to answer questions of all sorts.


Of course, all of our communication is screen reader accessible!

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