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Description This cozy flat is made up of flat mates who share their love for free knowledge, open data and open minded offspring for the next generation of hackers.
Members Cardea, Waffle, Waithamai
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions 36C3 Fahrplan App, Gefragt - Gejagt: Junghacker*innen Edition, Open data, Treffen, Wikipaka Translation Info Meeting, Day 2, Wikipaka/Jugend hackt Translation Info Meeting
Provides stage yes
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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The occupants are Wikimedia Deutschland, OKFN (mainly with its projects "Jugend Hackt", "Code for Germany" and "Frag den Staat"), mediale pfade and Verschwörhaus. As a lodger will keep Jugend Hackt company and our next door neighbours are Verstehbahnhof and Chaospatinnen.

There will be interesting (recorded) sessions in our "Esszimmer", Meetups and Workshops in our "Bibliothek", space to relax in our "Wohnzimmer" a dome in our "Garden" for young people to hang out.

Have a look at our WikiPaka WG Fahrplan for sessions, meetups and workshops:

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