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Contact Arne, DECT 2082
Description Blinking Projects, Electronics Kits and Soldering Workshops
Members Arne
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Self-organized Sessions TacTacLights Nano Colour Reflow Soldering
Subassembly of Assembly:Nibble Area
Tags electronics, soldering, leds, hardware hacking, smd, blinking
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Arrival and build up

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Find us next to the Nibble Area in Hall 3.

We're organising a reflow soldering workshop for the TicTacLights Nano Colour kit, see Session:TacTacLights Nano Colour Reflow Soldering. We also sell other kits that can be soldered at the NibbleArea.

  • Continuity Tester
  • Light Chaser Ring
  • LED Star
  • DUCK Mini
  • TicTacLights Nano Colour (for workshop attendees only, leftovers [if any] available from day 3)
  • ArcadeNano
  • ArcadeNano Colour

Full list with prices (PDF)

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