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Description A place to brew delicous filter coffee.
Members Wallnuss
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About Coffeenerds

The Coffeenerds are a group of people that love to share their passion for good coffee. The assembly is open for everyone to brew a cup of delicious filter coffee. Just browse through the donated beans and brew. The brew-it-yourself concept is ideal for experiments and for trying out various brewing methods. We will bring a grinder and our favorite brewing equipment for you to use. Brewing a cup of coffee is free of charge, including the beans.

Coffee Donations

All coffee beans are donations, so if you have a local roaster that you like, bring some of their beans for others to try! All coffee beans will be placed in a public shelf that everybody can browse to discover the diversity of filter coffee.

Available Equipment

The Coffeenerds provide the necessary things to brew filter coffee:

  • Several Hario v60 (cone-shaped coffee drippers)
  • Several Aeropresses (single cup coffee presses)
  • Plenty of paper filters
  • Several scales with integrated timer
  • A big grinder (Mahlkönig EK43)
  • Several water kettles
  • Fresh water
  • Reusable cups/mugs (Not for sale, but to borrow for a deposit)
  • Cleaning station

Brewing recipes

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