Assembly:Scottish Consulate

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Contact Consular DECT:(7246), Midder:(6422)
Description We're a travelling hacker collective from Scotland who represent ourselves and our country at events round the world.
Members Midder, Shell
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Subassembly of Assembly:Milliways
Tags hubgubnality, whisky, open borders
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Gary the Braw Unicorn

We aim to provide a chilled out, primarily social workspace in the mania of hacker camps and conferences for people to visit, stay, contribute to and share.

We run Scottish themed events in partnerships with other villages / assemblies we're friends with - whisky tastings, buckfast tasting, whisky tasting, etc.

At home in Scotland, we're a community of friends who like to do fun things together - camp, explore, adventure and experiment.


We will be involved in Whiskyleaks at Milliways.

Border Policy

In the spirit of 36C3 'Resource Exhaustion' we have disbanded all border controls and will be operating an open border policy, we feel it is more important to target out resources on tackling the existential threats to our continued existence, then erect arbitrary divisions.

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