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Contact Ingo Blechschmidt <>, +49 176 95110311
Description Functional meeting group from Augsburg. Es ist Haskell!
Members AToni, AnonymousSimon, Iblech, MatthiasHu, MichaelStruwe, Mona144, Taulex, Toni
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Self-organized Sessions A journey through the Solar System: Planets and moons, A quick tour through some of Haskell's crazy features, Captain Sonar, Chill time for Japanese talk, Crashkurs Soziokratie, Ende Gelände – peaceful climate activism (civil disobedience) for people like us, Formalizing mathematics in the proof assistant Agda, Foundation workshop: Fun with fractals and programming for absolute beginners of fractals and programming, Foundation workshop: Hands-on, how does the Internet work?, Foundation worshop: Git, a version control system to solve filename chaos and collaborative editing – a tutorial for absolute beginners, General Relativity - why it's necessary, Google-Sensei and Contract Work - IT in Japan, Google-sensei und Leiharbeit - IT in Japan, Google-sensei und Leiharbeit - IT in Japan (Zugabe), Hodographs matter: a skewed perspective on the gravitational n-body problem, How to deal with any Git situation using three basic commands, Improtheater 2.0, JHT: Beweise ohne Worte, JHT: Cosmic Call, eine Botschaft an Außerirdische, JHT: Rubik's Cube Workshop (Zauberwürfelworkshop), JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit der vierten Dimension, JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit unendlichen Zahlen und unendlichen Spielen, Japanese (Reading) Beginner to Expert, Japanese (Reading) Beginner to Expert (Encore), Knitting workshop (Strick- und Häkelworkshop), Let's Watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Phantom Blood, Memorizing pi for fun (not for profit), Parkour - des Nerds Lieblingssport, Parkour - des Nerds Lieblingssport?, Queeres-Nerd-Treffen, Systems design: Transparent persistence vs crash-only, The mysterious simplicity of FORTH, Video Editing for Absolute Beginners, Was macht Bambuszahnbürsten so viel besser, außer dass du Plastik sparst?, Wissen vs. Macht, Wondrous Mathematics: Große, sehr große und sehr sehr große Zahlen, Wondrous Mathematics: The curious world of four-dimensional geometry, Wondrous mathematics: A gentle introduction to P vs. NP, the biggest open question in computer science, Wondrous mathematics: A primer to the set-theoretic multiverse philosophy (a guided tour to the limits of mathematical reasoning), Wondrous mathematics: Fun with transfinite games, Wondrous mathematics: How does artificial intelligence accomplish the feat of learning?, Wondrous mathematics: The pineapple from SpongeBob SquarePants is a lie! The secret of the number five and wondrous infinite fractions
Tags programming, type-theory, mathematics, haskell
Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Arrival and build up

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2019/12/27 11:30 M1 Wireshark
2019/12/27 12:30 14-15 Japanese
2019/12/27 12:45 M3 Queer
2019/12/27 20:15 PR Captain Sonar
2019/12/27 21:35 Pi
2019/12/27 21:50 M1 P vs. NP
2019/12/27 23:00 M1 n-body problem

2019/12/28 09:00 M1 Soziokratie
2019/12/28 10:00 14-15 Parkour
2019/12/28 11:00 PR JHT
2019/12/28 12:50 PR Knitting
2019/12/28 14:30 13 Numbers
2019/12/28 15:00 PR Captain Sonar
2019/12/28 21:00 13 Agda
2019/12/28 21:30 14-15 Video editing
2019/12/28 24:00 Komona JoJo
2019/12/28 24:00 14-15 Philosophie
2019/12/28 24:00 M1 Transfinite games

2019/12/29 11:00 Fridays-for-Future-Demo
2019/12/29 11:00 M1 FORTH
2019/12/29 12:21 PR Captain Sonar
2019/12/29 12:30 13 IT in Japan
2019/12/29 14:10 12 Fractals
2019/12/19 16:15 M3 Git1 Git2
2019/12/29 17:30 C Sven
2019/12/29 19:00 C-base Solar system
2019/12/29 22:40 M2 Multiverse
2019/12/29 18:45 IT in Japan (English)
2019/12/29 23:30 Japanese Reading (Encore)
2019/12/29 24:30 11 4d
2019/12/30 24:30 IT in Japan

2019/12/30 11:00 M2 Neuronal networks
2019/12/30 12:00 PR Captain Sonar
2019/12/30 12:30 12 The secret of the number five
2019/12/30 12:45 C-base General relativity
2019/12/30 13:15 M2 Transparent persistence vs crash-only
2019/12/30 14:00 Assembly Ende Gelände
2019/12/30 15:00 12 Haskell
2019/12/30 16:00 12 Improtheater

Ideas for 37c3: sci-fi book meetup, super Turing machines, more pi.

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