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Contact DECT 5625 or 8100
Description a place to open locks and talk about it
Members Marillion, Slacc
Projects create project
Self-organized Sessions Hilfe, ich muss mein Türschloss tauschen
Tags lockpicking
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Location for self-organized sessions no
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The big secret of lockpicking is that it's easy. Anyone can learn how to pick locks.

Ted the tool (MIT-Guide to Lockpicking)

Give it a try - learn basic lockpicking techniques - open your first lock - learn how to help yourself when you locked yourself out - what is a pin tumbler lock? - why is it working?

Regular workshops (No Reserverations, be early)

Day 1

14:00 (german)
15:00 (german)
16:00 (german)

Day 2

11:30 impressioning (max. 3 slots, english)
14:00 lockpicking (german)
14:00 impressioning (max. 3 slots, english)
15:00 lockpicking (german)
16:00 lockpicking (english)
17:00 lockpicking (german)

maybe more :)

Day 3

11:30 impressioning (max. 3 slots, english)
14:00 lockpicking (german)
15:00 lockpicking (german)
16:00 lockpicking (german)
16:00 impressioning (max. 3 slots, english)
17:00 lockpicking (english)
20:00 Session:Hilfe, ich muss mein Türschloss tauschen

Day 4

Please go to our workshop tables, no defined times today.

Paperclip challenge

Join the paperclip challenge and win cool stuff!

Bend your own tension tools and more

Paperclip challenge >> WINNER <<

Please get your prices today on Day 4.

0:39 mindfuckup
0:48 benschne
0:53 chrho
0:53 mux

Paperclip challenge Toplist Day 1

0:39 mindfuckup
1:19 bf9100
1:36 lox
1:47 kybKenny
1:53 jkbody
2:04 lilibutech
2:11 matzo
2:28 CensoredUsername
2:37 des
2:46 snark
3:24 maw
3:28 Connor
4:41 Adrien
4:58 Ishamasamune
5:24 freefroh
8:38 BRRZ
11:23 Lukoss

Paperclip challenge Toplist Day 2

0:48 benschne
1:09 teotölpel
1:20 Lukas (0:35 2nd try)
1:26 fpunktk
1:32 cr0n
2:06 anno
2:09 stierkack
2:12 ecki
2:31 chrina
2:45 Empty2k12
3:40 yogurt
4:13 Ben
5:36 mand0x
6:11 dshx
7:20 msdd
8:00 pmrl
8:38 rummy

Paperclip challenge Toplist Day 3

0:53 chrho
0:53 mux
1:01 pinkhunter
1:11 patate
1:11 RFGuy
1:36 BugBlue
1:38 imag35ta
1:43 HendriX
1:52 King Debian the third
1:57 Oli
2:01 corrosive
2:40 extrascharf
3:01 username
3:34 deo
4:20 evil hendrik
6:01 laschoking
7:18 Sinitax
9:24 teddy
18:55 newAnt36
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