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#32C3 lecture streaming and recording

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Dear Congress visitors and those who didn’t make it: Like in the previous years, the Video Operation Center will provide you with live streams and recordings of all main lecture halls (1, 2, G and 6) and the stage at Sendezentrum. As usual, you’ll find the video and audio streams at and the recordings at
We also publish to our YouTube Channel “” to cater to those with broken playback devices. We’ll continually be publishing the recordings there during Congress. Please avoid linking other channels which re-upload our work (with ads).

If you are unable to join us at the CCH you can also participate in 32C3 remotely as part of Congress Everywhere and meet up at a hackerspace to watch the streams, drink some Mate and ask questions via IRC or Twitter.

Again, we’re happy to be able to bring you additional content: Audio from the “Podcaster-Tisch” (Podcasting-Table) of the Sendezentrum as well as music from the Chaos-West Assembly, the Lounge, the Anti-Error-Lounge and from the Dome on the roof of the CCH.

Like at the previous Congress and this year’s Camp, all videos will be produced and published in HD and we try hard to ensure the best image quality and correct metadata on the files. Thus, we ask you not to record the streams (or at least not to publish such recordings), as those do not live up to the standards we set for our recordings. For the time between a talk and when we publish the recording, you can use the Relive system. We wrote more on the topic of stream dumps in this blog post.

We also did some upgrades with the live subtitles. They should now work on more devices and also when watching the video stream in fullscreen mode. The subtitles team will focus this time exclusively on halls 1 and 2 and wants to cover those 100%. In both halls the live subtitles can be watched on two screens in the front rows as well as on an arbitrary device via a web frontend. For this Angels are still wanted, both for live transcription and as responsible contact person for a hall.
Twitter: @c3subtitles
IRC: #subtitles auf

32C3 Video Operation Center

Twitter: @c3streaming

No Ticket? Try Congress Everywhere!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Deutsche Version weiter unten.

Can’t be in Hamburg? No Ticket? No Problem. Try Congress Everywhere!

congress everywhere

Congress everywhere
CC BY 2.0 via flickr/Morgan

There are still various reasons to experience the Congress from a safe distance. Family, job, travel expenses or this year again, no ticket. We are very sorry but the capacity of the building is limited. But we invite all interested people to attend the 32C3 via Congress Everywhere. Watch the streams, participate via twitter or IRC, celebrate your own Hackcenter experience, drink Tschunk, cook together and have a good time.

You can ask a question to a speaker via IRC or Twitter, you can listen the audio streams and the simultaneous translations via phone (also SIP). You can join the 32C3 network via VPN. You can dispatch a signal angel to an area in the CCH. For an online interactive coming together just use the IRC-channel #32C3-everywhere at hackint.

No 32C3 location in your city? Create a new Congress Everywhere space and add the location in the wiki. During 29C3 we had 34 places in 9 countries, last year even so 31. This year we are very happy to say hello to the already announced spaces in Graz (Austria), Antwerp (Belgium), Sofia (Bulgaria) and in Germany: Berlin, Bochum, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Freiburg, Heilbronn and Siegen.

Please, participate and add your own location!

Nicht in Hamburg? Kein Ticket? Kein Problem. Probiere doch Congress Everywhere aus!

Es gibt viele Gründe, den Congress aus der Ferne miterleben zu wollen oder zu müssen. Familie, Beruf, Reisekosten oder – in diesem Jahr wieder aktuell – kein Ticket. Es tut uns sehr leid, aber die Gebäudekapazität ist begrenzt. Wir laden aber alle ein, via Congress Everywhere am 32C3 teilzunehmen. Schaut die Streams, beteiligt Euch via Twitter oder IRC, macht Eure eigenen Hackcenter-Erfahrungen, trinkt Tschunk, kocht zusammen und macht Euch eine schöne Zeit.

Du kannst über Twitter oder IRC Fragen zu einem Vortrag an Referenten stellen. Du kannst Dir die Vorträge und Simultanübersetzungen per Telefon (auch SIP) anhören. Du kannst Dich per VPN mit dem Congressnetz verbinden oder einen Signal-Engel bitten, vor Ort im CCH etwas für Dich zu tun. Der zentrale Online-Treffpunkt ist der IRC-Kanal #32C3-everywhere auf hackint.

Es gibt noch keinen Treffpunkt in Deiner Nähe? Dann starte Deinen eigenen „Congress Everywhere“-Space und trage ihn im Wiki ein. Während des 29C3 gab es 34 Spaces in 9 Ländern, im letzten Jahr immerhin 31. In diesem Jahr können wir jetzt schon die ersten Spaces begrüßen, und zwar in Graz (Österreich), Antwerpen (Belgien), Sofia (Bulgarien) sowie in Deutschland in Berlin, Bochum, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Freiburg, Heilbronn und Siegen.

Wir freuen uns, wenn Du Deinen „Congress Everywhere“-Ort hinzufügst!