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Contact moem at klabru dot nl
# small Tents at least 4
# big Tents a tarp or two
Workshops in the Village? yes
Projects turning the world into a library
GPS Coordinates N 52° 49.944 E 013° 40.804


[edit] Welcome to BookCrossing Village!

This is the page for the BookCrossing Village on CCC2007.

BookCrossing is a worldwide grassroots movement for and by readers, who love to spread the joy of reading by registering books in the BookCrossing database, labeling them with a unique number and then leaving them in a public place for someone else to find and enjoy.

Anyone can participate in several ways: by bringing books of your own to register, label and release, by grabbing a book or two from our shelf in the Temporary BookCrossing Zone and report your experience through the BookCrossing website, or by joining us to help with the liberation of literature!

After all, shelved books are just wasted ammunition. Besides, a virtual bookshelf is so much easier to dust...

We are planning to show the process of registering and labeling in action in a hands-on workshop. All participants are welcome! Please leave your name below, in the Workshop area.

[edit] Location

[edit] Citizens

  1. Moem
  2. Stoneshop
  3. Rubberchicken
  4. Phoenix
  5. Raffizack
  6. Rhialto and I bring a friend too
  7. others ?

[edit] Mission

We're here to bring free books to the masses.

[edit] Project

Temporary BookCrossing Zone

[edit] Stuff

Things we need, and who will try to provide them.

  • printer for labels - Moem and Stoneshop
  • bookcases for the TBCZ - ( will be borrowed from) local BookCrossers
  • tarp - Rubberchicken, and another one brought by Moem and Stoneshop
  • books - all of us, and how about you? Bring your no longer loved books and send them on a world trip!

[edit] BookCrossing Workshop

Changing the world... one book at a time. But how?

  If you're interested, please leave your name here:
Workshop >
BookCrossing, the hands-on experience

What's BookCrossing? How does it work? How is it done? Website explanations as well as practical glue-and-scissors stuff.

Who Moem(and others, I hope)
Where under our tarps, BookCrossing Village
Language English
When Day : August the 9th @ 14.00ish,

Duration: for as long as we're having fun

  1. Phoenix
  2. Claudia
  3. Florian - already sorting my bookshelf at home ;)
  4. BECHA/Vesna
  5. Inte
  6. you?

Please bring, if you have them:

  • a laptop (any brand and OS)
  • a pen and markers
  • books that you want to send off on their journey


[edit] Guest Workshop

Original description at:

  * Using RIPE Routing Registry
Workshop >
Using RIPE Routing Registry

Analyse your ISPs routing policy, learn RPSL, take a look at the global BGP routing table, and see what's new about 32-bit AS numbers

Who Becha
Where BookCrossing_Village
Language English
When Day (maybe) Friday @ (maybe 2PM, maybe 8PM),

Duration: about two hours

Links [1] (Workshop at Finish Internt Exchange, October 2004),[2] (RIPE NCC "Routing Registry Hands-on course")

If you want to take part, let me know, and I'll keep you informed about updated date and time:

  1. BECHA/Vesna
  2. Aldert
  3. blubberdiblub (2PM is probably too early for me, tho)

[edit] Workshop

Workshop >
Everyday mathematics for CCC Orga

This workshop would be enormously helpful for our most beloved Orga team. Afterwards they would be able to understand that 16 showers for 2000 people is definitely not sufficient. They'd be aware that 60 cubic meter of waste water for the same amount of people is rather unlikely too.

Who I. Newton
Where Outer Space
Language babelfishish
When Day 5 @ 04:00,

Duration: 02:00

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