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Real name: Klaartje.

Occupation: Signwriter.

Location: Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Weapon of choice: Thinkpad.

Means of transportation: Ancient two-stroke motorcycle.

Project: Temporary BookCrossing Zone.

Village: BookCrossing Village.

Volunteer team: Craftsmen.

DECT number: 3939.

You can find me here, here or even here.

I've packed my books for the Temporary BookCrossing Zone.

The first box contains:

50 books in English
1 book in Dutch
12 books in German ---> box is full.

The second box contains:

4 books in English
21 books in Dutch (SF)
10 books in Dutch (non-SF)
11 books in German
18 books in French
10 books in Spanish ---> box is full.

The third box contains:

28 books in English (some of them children's books)
24 books in German (some of them children's books)
6 books in Spanish
3 books in Dutch ---> box is full.

There's a plastic bag with, among others:

2 books in Japanese, about a board game.
3 books in Italian
1 book in Russian
Raffizack took the bag and I can't remember what else is in there. 
You'll just have to come and see for yourself.  :-) 

These books are labeled with a BCID label, but most of them need a journal entry because the book's title and author haven't been entered yet. Phoenix' books are in these boxes, too.

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