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[edit] Update: There will be no Astro Village

Hi all, unfortunately I am the last one of the people, who originally wanted to organize the AstroVillage. The others plan to participate on other Villages or will not come to the camp anymore. Well, I considered it unpossible to organize a program for Astrovillage alone and bring all the heavy equipment and the large tent etc. However, I'll bring some smaller equip. to have some fun if the nights are clear. If there is someone (I read the recent changes) who brings her/his own equip. lets meet there and have some fun without the village/program/people/explaining part :-).

Sorry, but I guess, you understand. Cash

[edit] Old text follows

There was an Astro Village on WTH 2005 and I really like the idea of having one in 2007 too. The place normally should be far away enough from Berlin to have a relatively dark sky with less light-pollution. Looking at the light pollution map from Germany [1] shows, that our place is quite ok. 15-30 min. driving distance (north-west) would of course be better (really dark) but well...

The August 13. is "new moon". Here [2] is a chart of the moon phases and rise-times during the camp.

Currently the intention of this page is to find out if there are others around who feel the same.

Having a view at our planets (well, only mars at that time), sun, deep sky objects, looking at the ISS etc. should be interesting for all the others too. The last night we get some more fun with the [perseids], which should be showing strongly for the whole time.

[edit] How this place should be?

- NO light at night! (small, single, dark red LEDs wavelength > 620 nm would be ok to mark walkingpath). A single flash of white light (lamp) in this area would mean destroying dark adaption of eyes and might take up to an hour to be able to see 100% (in astronomical ways) again. A place which is somehow sheltered (tree-/bush-line etc.) from the rest of the camp would be ideal.

- As much unobstructed sky-view as possible (of course) (south more import. than north)

- If possible somewhat away from the runways, because the air above the (sun-heated) floor is moving and destroys a good seeing

- electr. power and net would be fine

[edit] Equipment?

Currently I plan to bring a Celestron CGE mount and a Pentax 125 SDP Apo (autoguided and with ccd cams) with me. If we will form a real "Astro Village", other equip. would be possible (but not easy to pack and carry) to bring along too (14" Newton maybe on Gemini 41 mount / 12" Dobson).

[edit] Location check

I visited the campground on March 24., really a great place. I am in no doubt, that we'll find a dark place on the ground. Fortunately, the airport is dark at night and the only light, to search shelter from, is our own. Due to the fact, that the place has trees, bushes and also the aircraft shelters, that should be no problem at all. Well, let's see where the video/light installations will take place. We'll have to take the other corner.

[edit] Who would like to participate?

  • Cash
  • vjt
  • p
  • Pluto Meade ETX-70, got my stuff here. Cash, call dect 5588, if you want to say hello. Same to suss, if u want to, call Pluto.
  • Suss Know nothing about astronomy but me and friends are interested in taking part. Where and when?

Looking forward to hearing from you, clear sky, cash

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