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# small Tents 4 person Bunzing tent

2 person igloo tent

1 person igloo tent

luggage car for cooking +

# big Tents 16x6m army tent for sleeping and nerding
Workshops in the Village? Yes
Projects General hackin' & slackin' Enigma-e HackTheBot Prelude-IDS
GPS Coordinates 52.83149 / 13.67963

#Mononoke Village - Thanks to the organisation of CCC and every body attending for a great camp !

May the we all meet again in 2 years in The Netherlands or Surroundings for HEX/WhatTheHack 2009 !

This was the hangout of a group of mostly dutch coders & admins & slackers having a blast at CCC camp ;)

We can be found @ freenode #mononoke. Introduce youself and have a chat

We were located here on the camping grounds.

GPS coordinates: 52.83149 / 13.67963

Mononoke website

Workshop >
Gozerbot workshop

Gozerbot is a Python IRC and Jabber bot. If you wish to discuss the current development, or have nice ideas for plugins or other development, please stop by.

Who tehmaze, ]V[
Where Mononoke tent
Language English/Dutch
When Day all week @ 7th august,

Duration: 6 days

Links Gozerbot

Gozerbot website

Weather Finowfurt


de TeringHerrie generator down

Live videofeed on top of the Bar-bunker! down

Collected pictures of Mononoke people



[edit] Citizens

  1. ]V[
  2. Langhaar
  3. tehmaze
  4. Psy
  5. r3boot
  6. pa3dsc aka durin (wireless HI)
  7. Airwolf
  8. MyZT
  9. trbs
  10. Flippie
  11. Red_Devil
  12. weazle
  13. hontoni
  14. Dreamwolf (family visit)
  15. Rawplayer (attending different things)

[edit] Camz

  1. trbs/Langhaar down
  2. 4 x tentcam down
  3. Live high quality stream + audio of campground down

[edit] Phones

[edit] Streams of the lectures

[edit] Activities / Projects

  1. The road-convoy will be trackable thru APRS checkout FINDU
  2. Pa3dsc will be performing old school Morse Code
  3. HackTheBot and General Gozerbot fun
  4. Prelude-IDS counter-measures code writing (r3boot)
  5. Live stream using Videolan (25fps + stereo sound), and record it online at It will be m$ compatible for all the lamers out there. (and your family ;) down Psy
  6. Bringing back to life the 8-bit: Atari 65XE and Commodore C-16 (too much diggin' in my dungeon) (Langhaar)
  7. Fixing my old MSX and coding a demo in machine code (and find someone who actually knows how to do it ;) Psy
  8. Anon FTP server with NetApp statistics for campsite only

[edit] Available hardware

  • Extreme Summit 24e3, 24 x 100mbit, 2 x 1gbit sx (r3boot)
  • 100m cat5, tester, connectors and crimping tool (r3boot)
  • 4x20m cat5, 40 meter cat5e on a roll and plugs, pliers & tester (]V[)
  • Dumb sweex 5 x 1gbit and 8 x 100mbit (Langhaar)
  • Some old hardware for testing (Langhaar)
  • Mitsubishi Pajero (1984) for pulling out stranded vehicles (Langhaar)
  • Philips Senseo for your caffeine needs (tehmaze)
  • Some Senseo pads. Seem to work with the device mentioned above. (Airwolf, ]V[, MyZT)
  • 4 x 500 GB HD (empty) storage (Langhaar)
  • Atari 65XE + C16 stuff (too much diggin' in my dungeon) (Langhaar)
  • A few spare CRT's. (]V[)
  • (A few?) Spare boxes. (]V[)
  • Tent lighting (inner and outer) (Langhaar && r3boot)
  • Enough long powerlines to supply MononokeVille with power. (Langhaar)
  • First aid Kit (Langhaar)
  • Webcamz (]V[ 3) (Langhaar 1) (r3boot 1) (tehmaze 1)
  • Sony DV cam + stuff to stream live (Psy)
  • wireless comunication equipment. (pa3dsc)
  • On the Ham HF frequency's, about 100.000 mWatts. (Power macht spass) (pa3dsc)
  • Old fridge, for beer, jolt, wiskey, jagermeister ;) (Psy)
  • a bike (Pa3dsc).
  • 2 LPD porto's (tehmaze)
  • Fileserver with 1.46TB of storage (r3boot)
  • Empty 500gb and 200gb disk with external usb2 casing (r3boot)
  • Soekris 4801 - 233Mhz -256mb - Atheros Wireless (Airwolf)
  • 'waterkoker' (MyZT)
  • My old and broken MSX Spectravision 728 (Psy)
  • GP2X + BoB (MyZT)
  • Besides APRS also my trusty HenkHenk with maps of western europe (in case i get lost (and i do ;-))) and according btgps (]V[)
  • broken / suspicious / replaced hardware like routers & cell phones . also all adapters i could find and a bunch of faulty laptopz (]V[)
  • Cooling fan Ø 30 cm (couldn't find it) (Langhaar)
  • 2 PMR porto's (MyZT)

[edit] Traveling by

  • Mitsubishi Pajero 1984 (no place left) + Hanger with 6x16 armytent - Langhaar / tehmaze / trbs?
  • Train (enough place left) - r3boot / Airwolf / MyZT
  • Plane / Pajero or train as an escape - trbs?
  • Opel Omega station (JamPacked) + Hanger (dito) with stove, generator and camping stuff - ]V[ / pa3dsc
  • Audi80 + Hanger (Both Jampacked) - Red_Devil / Flippie / Psy

[edit] Always in need of

  • More UTP! ]V[ got 2 crates short and long, if every1 brings his own basix we should do fine on utp.
  • More Webcams!
  • KoffieFilters padz, can opener & corkscrew (classic items to 4get ;-))
  • Couch, GOOD chairs and tables, by golly TABLES! ;-) (some ideas involving local DIY stores)
  • Powercables (euro's, extensions and multipliers) (again, lots of euro-230v-cables, long suply lines covered by langhaar
  • Trash bags
  • Jolt / Club Mate
  • Euro's
  • Tie-raps
  • Gaffatape (stage-tape)
  • Rope (]V[) got some ends.

[edit] 4getmenot's

  • Flashlight
  • Ihre ausweis bitte
  • foreign coverage (insurance, road help, etc)
  • GSM charger (1 x nokia r3boot) (2x Neukia ]V[) (1x Nokia Langhaar) (1x Sony Ericsson MyZT )
  • Boots
  • a way to keep our equipment and power outlets off ground. !poweroutage-- (trashbag)
  • Klamboe
  • CCC Entrance Tickets :)
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