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Contact svenr@selfhtml.org, DECT:4865
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The Web Developer Village shall be a meeting point for those who work at or with the basic tools of the web: HTML, CSS, browsers, and servers. We ride under the banner of SELFHTML, which provides german and french readers with basic and advanced web technical knowledge since 1995.


[edit] Location at the camp

We are opposite shelter Foo in a tent with white roof and yellow/white stripes.

[edit] Citizens

  1. Svenr
  2. Basti
  3. tbo
  4. Fonti
  5. minimoris[1]
  6. You?

If you like to join the village, just add yourself here, and maybe send a mail message.

[edit] Facilities

We try to provide:

  • network ports
  • electricity ports
  • seats and tables in the main tent
  • cool storage capacity aka fridge
  • some kind of lighting

[edit] Workshops

Workshop >
Basic & Advanced Best Practices with Clients & XAMP-Servers (read: no IIS)

Web development is full of hidden quirks, do's and don'ts, and of course some best practices that have developed over time. I'd like to give you the right start and discuss issues I and you have been stepped over and how to avoid them. This includes HTML, CSS, Javascript on the client side (remember browsers are not the only type of client) and PHP with MySQL on the server side. This should be no lecture (me do the only talking), but more of a discussion and hands-on-working/live demonstration (I have 13 ethernet ports available, bring cables).

Who Svenr
Where Web Developer Village
Language English or German
When Day 3 @ 21:30,

Duration: probably 1 hour, maybe more

Links www.selfhtml.org

Please add your name or at least a short notice of your anonymous coming so I can check how big the crowd will get in the tent.

  1. Svenr
  2. tygatur
  3. minimoris
  4. tbo
  5. S25
  6. Zeti
  7. Puddy
  8. blubberdiblub
  9. Basti
  10. You?
Workshop >
Barrierefreies Webdesign

Unter barrierefreiem Webdesign versteht man die intelligente Gestaltung von Webseiten, so dass die meisten Nutzer ungeachtet von Behinderungen Zugriff auf die enthaltenen Informationen haben. Das führt automatisch zu einer besseren Usability und Qualität der Webseite; auch Nicht-Behinderte profitieren davon.

Who aleχ
Where Web Developer Village
Language English or German, Slides in German
When Day 3 @ 23:00,

Duration: probably 1 hour, maybe more

Links [Alte Vortragsdaten beim NoName e.V.]

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