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# small Tents 12 sleeping tents
# big Tents Pavillons, 3x5 / 3x8m, 3x3m supplytent / 1-2x 3x3m stufftents
Workshops in the Village? maybe, workshoptent did not work out, due to colliding vacations and bloody deadlines (cheers julia), so we will see
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Welcome to the one and only Geraffel Village ! antiforensics in the 27th century, the *real* honeypot project, possibly DAMBAYC workshop & live music


[edit] Review

Hi Geraffel-Citizens and guests

this might be interesting for everybody who has to explain what a CC-Camp is:

Btw - Elmo was in TV, flying his quadcopter....

Great time with you guys again! Looking forward to 2009!!

Mic, did you start building your Mikrokopter yet? Greetings, elmo

Elmo, not yet - but i just gathered the parts list and all important infos  ;-)

We will see, if there is anyone with me building a copter - hope so!

I have some nice pics of your copter - really. On the ground and in action and a small avi as well.

Hey cool I'm still looking for some! (It's quite hard to fly and photograph at the same time ;-) ) Could you send them to me via e-mail or upload them or so? bjoern at bjoern minus b dot de THX!

[edit] FTP-Server

sorry today without dns-name:

[edit] Citizens

  1. manu
  2. stefan
  3. quicky (AKA sammys )
  4. mic
  5. vi
  6. jakub
  7. micha
  8. flo
  9. bernie
  10. anonymous 9
  11. anonymous 10
  12. anonymous 11
  13. severin
  14. bjoern
  15. hinkhose
  16. Pope
  17. TheDoor
  18. chaosle
  19. AtH

[edit] pictures

Image:DSC00194.JPG Image:DSC00195.JPG


[edit] Live Music

like we did it on the WTH, there will be a live Music Session on Friday nigth.

And if i say music ... i mean REAL music ... selfmade with guitar and vocals. So if anybody else want to bring some instruments (guitar, bass, percussion, piano) to the CCC, feel free to visit us at Geraffel Village. Microphones and a small PA will be at our main tent => Geraffel-Jam-Session

Edit: Don't forget to bring some groupies

Edit: Sound Check complete, prepare for take off soon. Please don't complain about the sound volume, you have been warned !!1! If we're too loud for you, come over and have a beer on us!

Edit: Warmup on Friday


[edit] Workshops

Yeah. Please use the workshop template for your workshops!

[edit] Skillz in Place

This list is not (repeat: not!!!1) complete. :-)
Just drop in and seek for ppl with those skillz / knowledge / experiences

  • reversing - malicious stuff & other
  • debian
  • Voip
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • SAP Sec.
  • Enterprise pentesting (large and not that large scale)
  • DDoS Detection and countermeasures
  • Traffic-Engeneering
  • Network Stuff
  • Forensics
  • Antiforensics
  • windows security (AD Design, GPO shit etc)
  • lockpicking (level 0)
  • social engineering
  • black magick & voodoo
  • war drinking (kampftrinken)
  • conspiracy theory realit√§tsabgleichungen
  • [...]

[edit] history

Wednesday night ~2am: first 50 -liter keg of cold beer killed! nice work, folks ;) (dambayc worked out pretty well)

Friday evening 8:23 pm: 2nd 50 liter keg of cold beer annihilated!11!1 nice work again! keg to go, educated guess of kill-time: saturday morning ~4:23 am.

final keg (of the "first round" peacefully vaporized sat morning 4:42 am, after a shocking experience with an empty co2 driver at 2:23 am, fixed 2:24!

thanks to you know who (mumpi fx scusi toralv fab dan lisa ath, the geraffel posse & the rest!


last man standing (again) - manu (~7:23 am) - come on guys i'm getting too old for that role!

[edit] interesting links

Video Stream (live Webcam):


[edit] internal orga

geraffel_orga #geraffel

try this bgtw: mplayer -vo caca

link for ath - spiegel

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