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[edit] Next Meetings

  • Sit together at the campfire in front of the hackcenter on saturday 11th at 5pm.

[edit] Where to find

this is just the place where we meet the first time - this is not the village

At the left side at the Caravan Area, right before the tunnel/Bunker der Engel. Two VW-caravans, one in orange, one in red, both with a licence plate beginning with "PAF-..." (Update: at present, there is only the orange caravan - the other is still missing) Update²: Second caravan has arrived.

Opposite to the c-base on the other side of the street.

Between the two busses a awning or cover will provide place for 20-30 People sitting on the ground for having this meeting.

You can find our website here.

[edit] Who we are

data security, privacy and civil-rights activists from several organisations or groups:

[edit] How to get in contact

meeting tomorrow, 16:30 at the place described. Ask sva in #camp for further information

Who Located at the camp Contact
sva dect 2147
bine(bln) dect 2463 ("bine")

[edit] What we provide

[edit] space

The Privacy Shelter shall be a place for privacy- and human rights activists of all kind, specially, but not exclusively, the AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung.

[edit] possible projects

  • Talking about the european dimension of data retention and forming a european network. This will include talking about the european strategic meeting at August 31 in Berlin - AKVDS
  • Presentation: Un-Conference: Using the net for political activism! - Organized by Greenpeace and (time will be anounced in the wiki and on the tents)
  • Project "Secure Communication for Privacy - A Network Test": testing RetroShare serverless p2p Instant Messenger in a small network, exchanging certificates and testing the encrypted network communication for Messages, Chat, Groupchat and spamfree Emails. RetroShare is the next generation Communication Network which provides privacy with all transfers encrypted. A small group will test, exchange and authenticate RetroShare Privacy Keys and helps installing and using the Tool. - Retroshare p2p Messenger
  • Workshop: Running an node - What can it support to privacy? What can it support to saved IP adresses? Questions and Settings. - I2p
  • Public Speak: "Does Google really care about our Privacy? - - a p2p websearch alternative to google datacrake. Googlevil
  • RFID - Really Forbidden Intime Data - How can we protect from RFID? (Watching "Auf Nummer sicher" from David Dietl.) RFID
  • Workshop: Making a List on a DVD, which Tools are now forbidden Hackertools by law. Providing the ISO by Torrent for medical machine exam only. - Whatisahackertool
  • Develop a concept for Crypto Partys [1] to promote privacy enhancing tech for the masses and even joe sixpack
  • Further Projects:

- Drinking Coffee & Espresso - Chatting and discussing.

[edit] what we need...

We need poeple to bring stuff to our village:

  • big tents!!!!
  • chairs, tables ...
  • light, lamps and so on
  • interior decoration
  • (tbc)
  • .......
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