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AudioVillage is about having fun with audiorelated stuff from Sequencers like Live to self-built audio hardware. Everything that emits some kind of musical noize is welcome. We'll try to create a relaxing area for electronic and acoustic jam sessions - all interrested liveforms are invited to join us, we provide a PA and a big mixing desk you can plug into and jam away...

For contributions and content regarding the AudioVillage feel free to add your ideas here or contact dom mail:dom ├Ąt binary-punks dotcom or aroma mail:aroemchen at in case of questions.


[edit] Citizens

  1. aroma
  2. dom
  3. int0x80
  4. c64
  5. HiEnergy
  6. signalpirat
  7. breitband
  8. giorgio atari
  9. screech
  10. doris

[edit] Equipment Jam-Area

For better planning please list the tools and toys you bring to the AudioVillage Jam-Area.

We will provide a PA and a big mixing desk for all jammers (standard 1/4" mono jacks / 6.35mm Klinkenstecker). Please note that we will NOT provide cables to connect to the PA, please bring your own! You may also want to bring a multichannel audiointerface as it allows to prelisten on headphones what you're going to add to the jam. Also Midi-Thru and Splitboxes should come in handy in order to provide Midi Clock for everyone.

And remember: There's always one cable missing.

[edit] Weapons of choice:

  1. dom - MacbookPro running mainly Ableton Live, Motu Traveler, Midi Controllers, Spirit Studio 24/8/2 Konsole
  2. HiEnergy - Toshiba Satellite (Win32), Live 5, Virus TI, Remote25, BCR2000; if people liked to join in an all-analog oldschool hardware-only performance, I could probably bring my SH101 and/or MS404
  3. signalpirat - Thinkpad with Ableton Live 6, maybe Yamaha RX-11
  4. breitband - Roland MC 808, MicroKorg, Jomox X-Base09, NordLead III, Korg Electribe MX + SX, Korg ChaosPad 3, Phonic 11+6 Mixer, MidiMan MidiSport 8x8
  5. giorgio atari - Macbook, Live, Remote 37 SL, SM 58, Kaoss Pad II, selection of Orffstruments
  6. screech, dell laptop with ableton live 6, behringer bcr, m-audio firewire interface, maybe keyboard
  7. doris - noise, loops, effects with voice mic + Lexicon JamMan

[edit] Workshops, Sessions and Projects

What: Hacking Hip Hop Workshop
Who: int0x80 - Dual Core
When: tba

What: Light controlled virtual modular synth
- canceled

What: Building and hacking MIDI controllers
- canceled

[edit] Acts interested in performing on the Art&Beatuy stage

Citizens who not only want to participate at the AudioVillage but also want to perform in front of a bigger audience and bring their creativity to the Art&Beatuy hangar stage can sign up here. Please include or link a brief description of your live act, show, whatever. Please also note that we're not looking for DJs here.

  1. Dual Core
  2. HiEnergy electro/minimal/psy-trance performance
  3. breitband hardware based electronic live session
  4. Klartraum Nadja Lind and Screech - ostbahnhof electronic groove xperience

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