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Contact souls@hushmail.com
# small Tents around 19 sleeping tents
# big Tents 1 Partytent 3x9m, 1-2 Pavillons, sunsails
Workshops in the Village? no
Projects some code, solar stuff, cooking, PARTY! etc
GPS Coordinates {{{GPS}}}

v01d village spaceholder. private village, listed for space planning.

[edit] Workshops

how to party in style.

[edit] Specials

Turntables and DJs, pool, fun. LOOK FOR THE DONKEY!

This is a party area, music, fun and whatever your imagination may inspire. Come hang out, dance, listen to music or just chill.

[edit] Tents

We already have 19 tents, so its kinda crowded, you wont be able to be next to the party tent area since those spots are already taken, but you can always move in next door :)

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