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The camp is a great place to bring, build, fly and hack autonomous and remote controlled drones, helicopters, (weather) balloons, and so on. The "Flying Objects" virtual village is a very loosely organized group of people wanting to do just that.

While the drone builders and helicopter people don't necessarily all camp next to each other, it would be cool to have a place where all of them can meet, launch their flying objects and hack together. That way they are also easy to find for everyone interested in flying objects and our airspace coordinator can have an eye on things.


[edit] Workshops

  • We did some impromptu videos ([2],[3]) with a camera on the kindergarten bottle rocket.

[edit] Participants

These are some of the people who told me they are interested in doing something with flying objects at the camp. (And none of them wanted to set up this page.)

  • bjoern (airspace coordinator) - [4]
  • steini wants to give a talk about drones and bring his quadrocopter
  • enno e.
  • dr
  • frank
  • hoppel wants to bring an open source drone [5] and do an Open Source Drone Workshop
  • jeedi will bring his UAVP quadrocopter and will probably offer sneak peeks at the plans for the next-generation UAVP.
  • fd0 (will bring his mikrokopter and points out, that the mikrokopter is not Open, but only Free (as in beer)). Will also bring some Construction Sets for fnordlicht and etherrape
  • Spida will come with fd0 (and bring a Pavillion - do we get a large tent for building stuff, or do we put some Pavillions in a row? 3*9m Pavillions come for 79euro on ebay....)

If you want to be part of the Flying Objects Village (which doesn't mean you have to camp there) please add your name below and link to your user page. It would be nice, if you add the flying object you want to bring or if you plan to hack something. And if you want to be subscribed to the "Camp 2007 Flying Objects" mailing list, please add your email address.

  • trebroN - build open source radio controller with atmega* and maxstream xbeepro-modules // 1 & 2
  • Lorphos - doing some aerial photography & HMD 1st-person flying with a GWS Slow stick
  • harzi - carry his 3D cabable T-Rex 450SE electrical R/C Heli to the camp and tries to fly it. Due to below limititation, I leave the much larger combustion Heli at home :(
    • please keep in mind that in germany, rc models with jet turbines and combustion motors may only be flown in places at least 1.5 km away from the next village or inhabited settlement (§ 16 1.1c LuftVO). you might want to check this on google maps..
  • harzi - has got the parts to assemble a MikroKopter at the workshop and hopes that somebody provides smd solder-equipment at the village.
  • LiGi - assambling MikroKopter ( CampKopter) at the camp
  • harzi daniel(at) - would like to ask if there are at least desks and chairs to participate the workshop (even if I couldn't register until 30.6.2007)
  • masterbase - beda (at) masterbase (dot) at
  • stoege - ccc <a> stoege <dot> ch - bring his T-Rex 450 SE v2 Heli for fun and 3D Flying ...
  • ApolloDS - ccc <at> linuxnet <dot> ch - got his T-REX 450 SE v2 Heli for fun flying. I bring also some spare parts and tools to repair a T-Rex. If you have problems with your Helicopter contact me on the camp (Phone: 3222).
  • relet will attempt to assemble his mikrokopter and bug you all until he's done.
  • melle brings his dual line kites and want's to launch some small fire-powered hot air balloons.
  • JureKoren would like to fly a camera equipped e-powered Spitfire and a camera equipped e-powered F5J glider.
  • biggoldensun will fly a weatherballon with a GPS, digital camera, cell phone and amateur radio package to the upper stratosphere (over 90000 feet).
  • elmo bjoern (at) bjoern-b(dot)de will carry his MikroKopter with him
  • MartinLing has a Zagi flying wing with camera, working on integrating an inertial tracking system.
  • n.o camp07 (at) spam (dot) sig11 (dot) net has a half-built MikroKopter (maybe two, also soldering equipment), and a modified x-ufo (x3d/xbase/cam)
  • Sebk
  • you? plan to bring $flying object or to do $project

[edit] Location


[edit] Flight sector, dates and times

PLEASE READ THE AIRSPACE CONTROL PAGE THOROUGHLY BEFORE PLANNING YOUR FLIGHT. If you have any questions that have not been answered on that page, please talk to the airspace coordinator, who can be contacted by various means listed on the bottom of the airspace control page. Thank you in advance for making this a fun and safe experience for everyone.

[edit] Insurance

Everyone who would like to fly his or her flying vehicle during the camp must take care of individual insurance for all his activities on his or her own. Please understand that the camp organizers cannot provide insurance services. If you would like to fly your unmanned flying object and do not yet have insurance, consider contacting an independent club or association like e.g. DMO or DAEC for assistance.

[edit] RC frequencies

If you participate, make sure to add yourself to the RC-Frequencies plan!

[edit] Visions

At the end of the lecture about Drones one Question came up: "what is possible with these nice peaces of hardware?" And what could be the best place to collect such ideas than the wiki of a camp surrounded by flyin ( or ex/pre flying :-) objects. Here's a start ( addons / corrections welcome ):

-#1 The use of a drone could be to build up a wireframe ( -> pixel cloud ) of an area. if the distance between Drone and Area is measured and the position of the drone is known a mesh could imho be calculated. I dont think the sensors have to move - the drone could do this. And i dont think about an AirNail like Flight - i imagine a wild shaking flight ( or ordered forcing of all angles) to collect lots of data.


  • precission of sensor data ( e.g. gps position - triangulate || galileo ?)
  • level of trust in sensor data ( karman filter here?) - Multiple runs ( || multiple drones ;-)
  • lots of data ( sending to base station ?)


  • cam on board and building textures ( in 2. run )


  • Laser
  • Ultrasonics

-#2 The idea of having an laser attached to a drone is interesting for other kinds of usage too - the drone could draw an Image ( or Message/Banner/Sologan/.. ) on the ground via the laser. The basic idea is like the MeshBulding idea. You have the position of the drone in space available ... The laser would be switched on or off when the position of the drone and the light of the laser should lead to an pixel in the image.


- Performance to process data on drone

-#3 Flyin soap bubble throwing Drone - part #1 one of each soap bubble mashine iss allready in the drone ( the AirFlow generation ) - Just need to put some soap transporting medium under the Drone. Coulda be very interesting in big heights


- too strong airflow? ( distance - motors <-> soap )
- soap inna SMD ( which took long to assemble || was expensive ;-) or Motors - but they ( bubbles) are all pushed downwards? Perhaps just special height and air conditions for throwing bubbles.

-#4 Visions for Contests with Drones ( German ) -

[edit] Photos

Martin's photos - just adding them here rather than to the Photos page, so they don't get slashdotted too much. MartinLing 11:32, 12 August 2007 (CEST)

fixed wing party - JureKoren's few photos of the fixed wing excursion. 17:09, 14 August 2007 (CEST)

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