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Contact luc@2113.ch
# small Tents 3 two places tent
# big Tents null
Workshops in the Village? yes
Projects Bringing up a whole NintendoDS developpement environment
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This village is meant to regroup a few Swiss friends together, as well as anyone that wants to have fun.

[edit] Citizens

  1. Flash
  2. LuckyLuke
  3. Radio (Currently working on Ftpsearch

[edit] Workshops

Workshop >
NintendoDS dev env

I bought a NintendoDS and a M3DS simply adapter a few weeks ago, and I'll try during this workshop to find out software needed to build and install our Hello DS World. Then we can look for a good DS decompilator, to have a look at commercial software to understand how voice and handwriting recognition may work, as well as WIFI adaptor. At the end we may build an ISO with our findings. Hardware: I'll bring a NintendoDS, a M3DS Simply adapter, a MicroDS and its USB adaptor. Software: Expect a few DS rom

Who LuckyLuke
Where DamitVillage
Language English/French
When Day 1,2,3,4 @ 1st day,

Duration: All your spare time


- I'm interested, sign me up Lorphos 10:26, 6 August 2007 (CEST)

Ok you're in, I'll try to make the damit village as visible as possible so we can meet. I'll also try to make a workplan so we can work together. Regards Luckyluke.

- I'm interested too - where do I find your village on the Camp site? I was unable to take my daughters NDS with me ;-) but I've got an M3 Simply card and memory - may be I can be part of a team. Regards, Heinz

Yeah for sure, anyone interested is welcome ! We're on site right now, shall we meet in hackcenter tonight ? May be after "A case against C++" at 00:30 ? I'll be hacking my DS. See you there ! Luckyluke

Please put up some location information so that it's possible to just come by? Themel 12:19, 9 August 2007 (CEST)

[edit] Workplan

1. Hello World

1. Find and install the compilator tool chain


2. Code, and compile "Hello World".
3. Run it on the DS.
4. Complete the wiki with your links and findings

2. Hack Dr Kaw*shima's brain

1.Reverse a saved game file

Download saved file

2. Code a score generator

Information on NDS file format

3. Post your code on the wiki

3. Reverse speach and writing recognition

1. Decompile and reverse Dr Kaw*shima ROM

Download rom 0457

2. Extract functionnalities and make lib for your homebrew
3. Post your findings

4. Linux fun http://kineox.free.fr/DS/

5. DS ROM fun


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