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We've set up a Temporary BookCrossing Zone. It basically means that there is a bookcase filled with books, which are free for the taking. Both free as in liberated, and free as in at no cost.

Swapping is nice too, of course. Bring your no longer loved books for someone else to enjoy!

The books are registered on BookCrossing.com, and labeled with a number, so their travels can be tracked when the finders go to the website, enter the number and write a journal entry. It's the literary equivalent of a message in a bottle, all made possible through the miracle that is the internet.

We are providing books in English, German, Dutch and French and whatever else we managed to find. Any suggestions, comments or questions about this project, ask Moem, Phoenix or Raffizack.

Right now there is a big bookcase, situated at the Village, and several yellow boxes which are scattered about the camp. The second (smaller) bookcase has been set up at the Hackcenter. You'll find a list of released books here, but please remember that with BookCrossing there's never any guarantee that books will still be there when you go looking for them. Someone else may already have taken them. BookCrossing is a serendipitious activity. In other words, it's karma, baybeeeee.

This is a BookCrossing Village Project. See the Village page for a map which will show you where we are. If you're interested in this project, let us know and we may repeat our workshop.

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