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Contact neingeist@entropia.de
# small Tents 1 mice cage and 3 tents (possible more :)
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Save the cheerlead^Whackers, save the world!

According to this or that religion/philosophy/etc. each living being is special ... but then some are more special then others. This is the page of a group of such awesum people, each having remarkably strange & rather awesum abilities and mighty powers. Some born special, some working hard to be special, some thinking of being special, all driven by good will and luck. They originate from all over the universe and form a brave band of heroes ... Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No! It's HyperHeroes!

They live in a village near Finowfurt. Their secret plan is to build an intergalactic Hacker Community.


[edit] Where to find us?

Since there have been problems finding us at the camp site, we try to provide some directions here: We are located NORTH of the Belgian Embassy Village. Currently (that is Sunday the 5th) there aren't many of us that are already at the camp, so you better just look out for the belgian flag and head north from there to find our camping grounds. Feel free to join us there, the first few heroes should already be there and give you a big welcome hug!

[edit] Hyper citizens

The HyperHeroes welcome those, who have special powers and intend to use them for a greater good. The primary languages spoken at the village are English, German and BGP.

Name Abilities
BlueLoop Has no super abilities, but he can take apart anything with his quick hands. Also has a blue loop acting as a super belt that contains his mega soldering iron and two hot glue rail guns for fighting enemies and later binding them with his unlimited gaffa tape. Also has super procreation skills.
zenhase Super fluffy powers. Since he started growing his hair, his outer appearance reflects his powers somewhat too.
neingeist Can negate anything and anyone (NOT). Used to have the ability to awsumly LOLify anything but lost it fighting the GULASCHman. He also performs partial charm invisibility when talking to girls.
Lay Acts as golden kryptonite for hannes' super-hyper-activity. She's also super in martial arts!
bugbabe Can protect people from their innocence using only her mind and her dirty mouth.
bxs Had a chemical accident as a kid and is now unable to do nothing.
cyworg Life form with teleportation skills.
sammelsurium Collects and shoots hyper links!
starbug Can magically change his fingers.
cupe Unlimited sleeping powers.
diwiidoom No super powers. But a BFG-9000. And a Wii.
inductor Power to force Epsilon < 0 to proof nothing at all.
zenedikt Can shake the earth and universe with deeeeeeeeep sine waves. Vrooooooooom. Also wobbles much ...
magnetor has the amazing ability to create Smart I/O-errors on any magnetic data storage device. Be warned!
kindx Our youngest master mind. Ever.
superlauri Beats every other HyperHero at every computer game ... it's unbelievable! (Not me! I can negate that! --Neingeist 11:14, 2 August 2007 (CEST))
megasyb Has a black belt in Chinese Chess or whatever that thing with the black and white things is called again. Can transform most people to an empty triangle. Atari!
hyprhds Can alter his environment with hyper-kinetic powers.
gamma Stumbles upon buffer overflows by a simple wave with his hand
volty Can sing two tones at the same time when nobody's listening.
spider Can absorb the super power of HyperHeroes in the near enviroment

[edit] Hyper companions in arms

Name Abilities
TurboTina A small electro-mechanic life-form, which can fly in circles.
Propeller Bibi A super heroine that makes wind.
\o~ Our official caped super emoticon, flying away.
spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does.

[edit] Hyper villains

Some Hyper heroes turned to the dark side and won't attend the Camp.

Name Abilities
tem00 Can concentrate light with his bare hands! Tries to burn the heroes with high-power LEDs
The eMAX A hyper villian with a silver tongue: He can lisp faster than light.
lolcat She used to have super procrastination, but turned evil when she met "the deadline". They now fight together as a super villain team, and changed her name to ettercat.
manuelman Can manipulate people's minds with blipps, blops and other sounds. Also fights every programming problem with parantheses nunchakus and his superior LISPfu
hannes Super-Hyper-Activity!1!1 Also he speaks BGP and has the power to let electronic supplies like cables and chargers vanish in no time.
simsonbrother is missing his super powers
shortcutman short cuts work

[edit] Workshops

Heroes share their knowledge! This is a preliminary listing of the workshops we intend to hold, to bring peace and prosperity to mankind. Also the example workshops are awesumly suited for our village too!

Workshop >
Basic survival in highly improbable situations

How did Superman survive when The Atom Man exposed him to the Kryptonite and passed out?

Who Ford Prefect
Where HyperHeroes Village
Language English
When Day @ ,

Duration: 01:00

Links Douglas Adams
Workshop >
Building an intergalactic Hacker Community

How do you build an intergalatic Hacker Community using a paper clip and a chewing gum?

Who Zaphod Beeblebrox
Where HyperHeroes Village
Language English
When Day @ ,

Duration: 01:00

Links Chaos Computer Club
Workshop >
The Booze in Biometrics

How do you measure spirits, using only your finger? How does that change with the time when you consume them? We don't know. That's what practical research is for!

Who starbug
Where HyperHeroes Village
Language English
When Day @ ,

Duration: 01:00

Links Tschunk
Workshop >
Building a Hexayurt.

Please bring many big cardboards and "Rettungsfolien". And plenty of Gaffa/duct tape!!! I would build this with the bigger children of the Kindergarten Village.

Who Blueloop
Where HyperHeroes Village or Kindergarten
Language English
When Day @ ,

Duration: '

Links * Video
Workshop >
Tin foil hat workshop

We make tin foil hats using, well, tin foil. Try out different designs. This is not a soldering workshop!

Who Neingeist
Where HyperHeroes Village
Language English
When Day @ ,

Duration: '

Links Former tin foil hat workshop

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