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Contact Cavac (cavac at-domain
# small Tents 4+
# big Tents one 4m x 10m party tent
Workshops in the Village? yes
Projects BlinkenSisters, OpenLieroX, ?
GPS Coordinates 52,83253


The GameDesigners Village tries to bring together various people interested in writing their own open source games. (Closed source gamers are welcome, too, as long as we can steal clone your ideas).

Due to our mode of travel, we're currently planning on beeing in the caravan area.


[edit] Participants

  • Rene Schickbauer (BlinkenSisters)
  • Wolfgang Dautermann (BlinkenSisters)
  • Jörg Ladenhauf (BlinkenSisters)
  • Björn Paetzel (do I need my own project?) (Answer: No, you don't.)
  • Long Nguyen is participating too.
  • Albert Zeyer (OpenLieroX)
  • Karel Petránek (OpenLieroX)
  • Till Masthoff

(Sorry, Till and me (Albert) didn't find free space near to your village, so we are behind the OpenBSD tent now. But we feel at least belonging to you of course.)

  • Donald Trump (The real estates) (Where are you guys anyway?)

I'm nowhere near the Game Designers tent, but I'm pretty mobile. Call me on 3458.

  •  ? Enter your name and project and logo here ?

If you're interested in participating in this village, add your name to the above list.

[edit] Equipment

We'll be orginizing a local NAT/Firewall, basic local network and power cabling as well as at least one beer desk (plus seats). Please bring whatever equipment you can. If possible, contact cavac beforehand, so we can coordinate efforts.

[edit] Workshops

We will have on-demand workshops and/or help you with starting your own project. Visit us!

Workshop >
Fijuu2 demo/workshop

The GameDesigners have kindly allowed me to give a bigger presentation using a beamer. Fijuu2 is best designed as a sound toy (although it is normally presented as an art installation). You play with a game controller and distort shapes and create sound. You can also record your 'performance' making it into a kind of alien musical instrument. Come by and try it out!

Who User:Pix
Where GameDesigners Village Tent (campervan area)
Language English
When Day Saturday @ 23:00,

Duration: ?

Links fijuu

Location(Google Maps)  : link

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