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Contact geeks [klammeraffe] kapsobor.de
# small Tents  ?
# big Tents 1
Workshops in the Village? yes
Projects various geek activities
GPS Coordinates {{{GPS}}}

Hacking into #juelich [[1]|efnet] and have fun ;-)

GPS-Data: O 13°40'38.85" N 52°49'52.33"

Webcam: Wetcam (out of order)


[edit] Citizens

  1. b0nk
  2. losso
  3. iso
  4. der_herr
  5. you ?

[edit] Workshops

Workshop >
Control model railway via IRC

We'll try to control a model railway via IRC / IRC-Bots and have some fun

Who der_herr
Where #juelich tent
Language German
When Day 1 @ 15:00,

Duration: 02:00

Links [not yet]
Workshop >
JVS implementation party

Time to implement some IRC-Bots in order to the JVS (juelich verified standard)

Who [anyone]
Where #juelich && #juelich tent
Language any programming language you like
When Day 0 @ 17:00,

Duration: 00:15

Links [not yet]
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