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[edit] The London Chapter

We'll be bringing a contingent from London. At the moment, confirmed attendees are:

We were at the last CCC.

We have a blog, too, where you can find (some of) our DECT numbers.

And a Flickr pool.

We anticipate arriving at the site around tea-time on Tuesday evening.

We might come from the UK too. How are you getting there? By bus? Are you going to make a village?

We'll probably go in a couple of cars (the Road Trip is half the fun, after all ;). Village? Maybe...

The Hackers Voice at this website will be bringing a few people from the London-ish area. We'd quite like to help make a village :) Naxxtor is preparing a talk on ... something? ... as he types this message :o

LordScinawa is a guy from the italian embassay. Now he is in london until 8 august and he' will be very happy to know some english people or something similar. If someone is interested, please send and email to mattiadodero[at]hotmail[dot]com

Lohapuk and inneedoftherepy (steve and gareth) will also be going our route is the route we are getting the ferry at 05/08/2007 22:30 if you need to contact me you can get me on (If you ring 0871 3096879 it'll get to our mobiles so we can try and organise something.)

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