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Contact Cronek
# small Tents 15-25
# big Tents 1-3
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[edit] Contact

DECT CRNK (2765) PMR channel 8

[edit] Where???

At the end of the field, next to the BSD tent, next to the airfield thing, next to the swiss people, next to the road, next to the trashcan, next to the runway, next to the blue light close to the c-base igloo


Village Map

[edit] Description

Pictures of the WTH edition can be found here

Like at WTH, The Belgian Embassy is the safe haven for the Belgian hacker visiting CCC, and also the place to be for everyone else to chill out and have a talk with your Belgian colleagues. All the necessary infrastructure will be present, including the obligatory minefield, various large tents with chillout area's, tons of Cisco gear, more christmas lights than on christmas, projectors, good soundsystem, enough electrosmog to destroy a country...

The list of what activities we shall undertake will be made up on the spot since we know we'll change our mind and come up with something else anyway. Most likely there will be movies on a big screen with a powerful surround sound system (Rotel baby! ;) )

The B.E. is not going to be a big white tent with tables and chairs filled with desktop computrons. Our concept is total tent-anarchy, we start with a base structure, and when people arrive they add structures and their sleeping tents to this structure using tarps, partytents, inflatable castles, camouflage nets, and other stuff. This way we create a massive structure to hang around in and can provide shade to our sleeping tents so we don't suffer from the 10 o'clock tentboiling effect often observed when you go camping and the sun comes up in the morning and hits your tent. So the mission is to bring as much stuff as possible that can be used to expand our base camp, be creative and bring all you can carry.

[edit] What We Will (try to) Provide

  • Crazy, stoned and drunk Belgian people
  • Crazy, stoned and drunk people from other countries too
  • Spacious tents for hanging around in (we prefer comfy chairs, sofas and laptops instead of standard chairs, tables and silly desktop computrons)
  • A bunch of fast Cisco switches to switch your packets
  • Shade structures to place your tent under so you don't get cooked in your own sweat at sunrise
  • Grade A soundsystem
  • LCD Projectors projecting psychedelic stuff (like the rd-bomb screensaver) and movies
  • Bar
  • Een friteuse voor fritten te maken ;)
  • Bitches & root

[edit] Who Will Bring What?

[edit] Cronek

  • Speakers
  • Surround sound processor + amps
  • HDTV projector
  • Mixing desk (soundcraft or ecler, depending on space available)
  • Cisco switch
  • Some IP Phones
  • All the lighting stuff I can carry
  • standard issue camping gear
  • Ventillators
  • Ocean Star 300 (TM)(R) boat
  • Big tents when I can find the things to put these things on my roofrail things
  • Camouflage net
  • More than a few crates of beer, for personal consumption ;) (safir, alosta reprezent a-a skaan)
  • Tippmann A-5

[edit] Olórin

  • Powerdistribution boxes (all 2.5mm² wiring)
  • Ventilators
  • Furniture (table and some chairs)
  • Belgian beer (for personal consumption)

[edit] Kozmix

  • Blacklight
  • A few tarps and some rope

[edit] Faith

  • Simple disco lights
  • Gelatine and vodka to make vodka jello (for personal consumption)

[edit] Stuff Needed

  • All sorts of tents and structures (partytents, tipis, skyscrapers, ...)
  • tarps (zeilen) and/or camouflage nets, rope and poles to make extra structures, expand and take over
  • POWER DISTRIBUTION BOXES, the more the merrier, there's never enough of them
  • Ventilators/airco
  • And even more ventillators
  • Various inflatable and/or non-inflatable furniture
  • hard core booze (for personal consumption)
  • Christmas and other decorative lighting (lava lamps, plasma globes, blacklights, neon, lasers, DMX control systems, smoke machines/hazers, ...)
  • It's ofcourse recommended to bring long UTP, since wireless tends to get kinda flaky under heavy loads
  • Tiki lanterns
  • Belgian flags :)

[edit] Citizens

Here you can add yourself to the list to receive a type D visa valid for the duration of CCC 2007. We also accept political refugees from other countries.

Name Coming From Seats available? Comments
Cronek Aalst 0 The corrupt ambassador, accepting various bribes while smoking big cigars, also boasting +5 DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY
Hansvi Erps-Kwerps -1 vi-extremist (also accepting bribes)
KaOS Gent none has super cow powers
tosh Gent 0 part-time chandelier cleaner and fungus collector - arriving 09/08 night
Primus Alkmaar 2 (probably) The Dutch Infiltrator \o/
oPr +- Gent 2 COP - Certified Orgasm Provider (yes, I do anal on request)
Olórin Deurne 1 My life's goal: Totalworlddomination
yoShi +- Aalst 1 supreme Condom Killer --
Dante Somewhere in Europe ( originally from Brussels ) I m hitch Hiking Traveling in time , space , and process dimensions
Krovikan Jette ( = da hood ) 0 ZOMG!!1! LIEK WOAH ^_____^
Askarel From Brussels or Binche (don't know yet) 2 Lots of heavy metal in the CarPC, a trailer full of goodies, will bring belgian beer and péket
SubSpawn From Herentals (Turnhout) / Cancelled - death in family :-(
Faith Elewijt or Jette 0 Vodka jello expert
Arghunn From Brecht 0 Arriving at Monday (around 14:00)
Jan Zandhoven all the way! undef; undef;
tvlooy From Beerse (Turnhout) -1 Are we there yet?
Maarten Kempen & Leuven 3
Mister_X From Wavre 0
psi36 BXL/Brüssel 0 CCC n00b
kozmix Leuven/Herselt possibly 1 note sure yet when I'll arrive
An Leuven 2
leif Leuven NaN vitabis for life
Johan The West No Only for the weekend. Oh Eris, please sprinkle me with Fairy Dust...
Jeroen Earth -1 Traveling with Johan.
Antoine Nowhere -1 Traveling with Johan. I am a French refugee...

[edit] Allies

Iguana Colony


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