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The FAQ from Camp Anaconda somehow suggests working together making a dome landcape. As far as I am concerned I'd be happy to join them in the effort in outnumbering normal tents in a certain area.


No geodesic domes at Camp Anaconda :(

I am planning to bring my geodesic dome (diameter 5 meter). However I am not sure yet if I will use it for my personal accomodation or some kind of public use, such as a hammock lounge.

If some of you are planning to bring your dome too, we could make a village.

Just edit this page if you are interested (or need advice to build or buy one)

[edit] my dome

I'm definitely bringing my dome tent (diameter 6m, footprint about 30m^2). If you were at What The Hack you may have seen it, before it disappeared behind a mass of 'normal' tents, which was a pity. A village of domes would be very cool. We were talking about a dome village for WTH, but we didn't get enough domes together. Maybe we will this time? I'm planning to show some fancy projection stuff, if I can get it done in time! --MxA

Workshop >
Dome Projection

Playing with a 6 meter geodesic dome tent, a video projector and a spheric mirror: CAVE in a Dome! Music visualization, planetarium, wrap-around wide-screen movies, panoramic webcams and anything else we can come up with.

Who MxA
Where Geodesic Dome Village
Language English, Dutch
When Day TBA @ TBA,

Duration: Until we get tired of it...

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