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# small Tents yes
# big Tents yes, try to be bigger then our 15x5 meter tent
Workshops in the Village? yes, not scheduled, drop by or contact us
Projects a very big pond, every night lasershows when dark enough, and great music
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NOP Village;

You are welcome to camp here and to participate.

Join us and gether around our 45 m2 pond to watch the Light Emitting Algea grow, watch our lasershows every night( 1x DPSS 100mW green, 15k scanners, I'm looking for proper software to control easylase device, anybody?) and other projects. We also got a big sound system. Not your kind of music? Drop by with your music and change the track.

So, are you just ignoring important issues or are you doing something about it. Or are you thinking about doing something about it and want to talk about it? Think twice: if you say; not my problem, can it and stay home.

We are going to have a good time! And we do want to adress the ignorance of ignoring...


T-shirt design of NOP Village


[edit] Contact on site by DECT phone

Call on site: 2174 or 6112

Our project:

[LEA: Light Emitting Algea]

Visit our pond to watch te Light Emmiting Algea grow!

We will watch the watertemperature closely to ensure the best growing conditions. Take a look at the pond via the algae cam (defunct) or visit at night to watch the fantastic lightshow!

Please note that the algea must not be disturbed and that swimming in our pool is prohibited!


LEA was a hack. Since visitors at the camp refused to believe it was just a pond we made up the algae story. You'd think that consistently spelling algae wrong would give a hint, but the desire to believe in amazing things at the camp won in most visitors. The algae were glitter we added to the pond at regular intervals. The sensor used the first day was a rock in a plastic box and the readout a very simple shell script. Frank a. Oder was a made up person to direct people to if they had questions we couldn't answer convincingly. They were send to Frankfurt am Oder. What we learned: if people are given two options, one that is true and boring and one that is false and exciting, they will choose the latter. Algae is also known as "Pond Scam" errr "Pond Scum" I mean.
Image:PICT0014.jpg Image:PICT0020.jpg

[edit] Location

Next to the Foo shelter.



[edit] Citizens

[edit] Workshops

Workshop >
Joomla CMS explanation

Joomla CMS is great. I would like to tell you why... I'm a very enthousiast user of Joomla, not a developer or such, and can show beginners how simpel it is to setup and use it for a broad spectrum of usages.

Who Medicio
Where NOP Village
Language English or Dutch
When Day :all days on prior notice @ ,

Duration: '

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[edit] Travel by plane

Untill now, I've got estimates running from 250 euro pp up to 800 euro pp. More news follows. Right: the news is: it is to expensive!!! No flying for the NOP village people.


[edit] Grinnnn

What the hell? Use SPARINGLY?

[edit] Some pics CCC 2003

pic pic pic pic

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