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Projects whatever we bring along,iPhone,OSX etc.
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[edit] Who are we?

This is the village for the gathering of OSX and Apple fanatics from all around the globe. We will try to cover all facets of Apple hardware/software available.

Anybody intrested in Mac is welcome!

Please see the important note below and send a email to the orga so we know you want to join us on the camp.

[edit] Location

We are located in teh woods behind the hack center, just walk the sand way on the left, on the left side you will see a orange tent, just come there and say hello :)


[edit] What will we do on the camp?

Topics to be covered:

  • system internals (kernel, kext and IOKit etc.)
  • debugging on a Mac (IDApro or GDB via firewire, kdb)
  • iPhone hacking
  • AppleTV (build your Mac Nano)
  • Mac security
  • OSX and the x86
  • retro (?)

... and many more, depending on the intrest from the visitors and attendees.

The in depths of the working of OSX and other Apple products will be covered as well as the modifications towards use on a common whitebox pc (usally known as OSx86).

We will also be able to see the working and hacking of the iPhone and take care of your daily geekgasm.

Currently we not know which topic we might offer as a workshop, in any case group work around this topics will happen on the camp site.



Please leave your name here for futher contacts you can send a message to the village orga at acpi[at]mac[dot]com.

[edit] Infrastructure

We will have a big tent in place as our meetingpoint for (hopefully less) rainy hours. Inside we will try to provide a more secure connection via VPN over the camp network to the outside as well facilitys for presentations and small workshops.

[edit] Some security tips for macheads - stay safe at camp

  • be sure to have filevault enabled
  • switch of any file-/whatever-sharing service
  • do NOT leave mail.app open all day and get mail via camp network*
  • don't bring your computer stuffed with tons of personal data
  • if you own a iPhone disable auto-connect on wifi and take off the mailboxes
  • do NOT bring files from ADC which are subjected to NDA with you
  • avoid piracy
  • if you want to use plain protocols like IRC to the outside, use a VPN service like swissvpn.*

we will try to provide a own secure router to the outside

[edit] Citizen

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