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Note: None of this can happen without people! So sign up!!!


This is an Village ran by the Irish! But we welcome all. Our goal is simple to have great craic and to make things up as we go along! Everyone is welcome in our village, we really do look at it as the more the better!

What we have:
3 tents
3 Irish Flags, 1 Pirate Flag
1 table, 3 chairs
1 switch
What we did have:
We origionally camped over bunker2 but were kicked off by security(Honkhase himself).
What we want:
A large tent
Sound system</br /> Cat5 and power cable

We are currently 4 people, all angels, all are welcome; We're located close to the C-base dome, you can't miss the Irish flags :P

Project/Event Ideas
Capture The Flag/ Rooting game:
Maybe a ctf, root this box type of event! I am thinking of running some services on a laptop, Open it up for exploitation and have a good old fashioned game of cat and mouse! Main idea is to make two teams and have one team defend while the other attacks!

BattleField 2 gaming!:
You don't need a key to play on the lan... No better way than to sort out your issues with your tent mate who has been farting all night than shooting him!

Add your name to the list if you wish to stay with us!

Granuaile - not staying but pillaging maybe

Note: We have been pillaged by Granuaile We have noticed a sign left on our door. time of sighting:- 12am, 11th.

Contact S25 (
# small Tents 2
# big Tents  ??
Workshops in the Village? Does good craic count?
Projects None Planned yet although I am sure I will come up with some ideas.
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