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[edit] Aquaville

The aquaville is a nice and cozy village with a bunch of os X using geeks.

The AquaVille concept was created during the summer of 2005 at WhatTheHack! When a bunch of like-minded Mac users decided to set up a village - AquaVille - together. By the end of the camp we'd decided we should make this a reoccuring event. You can find us in December at the CCC Congres and now are some of us here for a small vacation.

All are welcome this is by no means a closed group.

Question: Where is Aquaville located?

[edit] Mac related support

Come over if you need support for Mac related questions/issues. Some Apple service manuals can be found here.

[edit] Tents and Stuff

User:Blkhawk says: "I will be bringing about 4 small 3-4 Person tents. Why? Don't ask. I am sure at least 3 of these will be usable. So if you have no tent - don't worry Aquaville has space for you. I will also bring a complete "Kothe" which will net 4 large sun/rainsails when taken apart - some assembly required."

User:Blkhawk says: "I will also bring a Pagoda Tent."

[edit] Photo's

Some photos of the WhatTheHack! AquaVille can be found here and here. More will be here during the Camp

[edit] Inhabitants

[edit] Stuff needed to build the Village

  • Network Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Cooking Stuff
    • User:Blkhawk
      • Gas Stove
      • Gasoline Cooker ("Old Fireball")
      • 12v Coolerbox
  • Misc
    • User:Blkhawk
      • 100 reuseable Plastic Ziplock stips in size large and larger
      • Some duct tape
      • 2 Powerstrips
    • User:okkie
      • More duct tape
      • Old Apple flag
      • dokter peper, tea, and some sweets
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