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Welcome to Haiku Village! When you find a haiku, you can bring it back home here.

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[edit] Haiku Found

Caught creeping through wire; possibly encrypted:

one nil nil one nil nil one
one nil nil one one
nil one nil nil nil one one

Found a BookCrossing Haiku on the BookCrossing forums, here:

Left here on purpose
Hope it is to your liking
Journal it. Let go.

Red Hat once did an Open Source Haiku contest. Here are some of the winning poems:

from amidst us all
the flow of this stream endless
a source so open
-Sam Cooley 
Once shackled, enslaved.
A man stands holding a hat.
It's his. He is free.
-Eric Ewen 
Koozies on the brain...
"Huh? What the hell's a koozie?"
We all love Red Hat.
-Robert Weaver 
class NULL creation
nothing feature nothing is
do print (Void) end end
-Greg Compenstine 
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