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[edit] Introduction

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Niels Böhm and I often go under the nickname of blubberdiblub. I live in Arnstadt, which is located in the Free State of Thuringia - a federal state of Germany.

[edit] Chaostreff in Thuringia

I would be interested in setting up a Chaostreff in Thuringia. If anyone thinks alike, please join me.

[edit] Contact

Just send me an e-mail to bohmmrwcätarcordötde.
DECT: 4357 (HELP) - Please do NOT call me at night. I'll be sleeping and recharging my DECT and it cannot be turned off while doing that.

[edit] Things I have at the camp

  • my Duron K7 (acting as all-purpose-server at home)
  • CRT I just obtained from my father ;)
  • my 24 port managed switch
  • power cables
  • cat5 cables
  • SGI Indy

[edit] Volunteer Teams

[edit] Impressions from the camp

Please bear in mind that this is my personal opinion. Your mileage may vary.

[edit] Positive things

  • Sitting around the campfire having a good time with music from BeF is fun.
  • Meeting lots of interesting people having similar interests and attitudes as yourself.
  • The Powerpoint Karaoke was a big deal of fun. Anyone who missed it - bad luck :P

There are quite a bunch of people working like hell. This is quite impressive:

[edit] NOC

Elisa, Ariën, webmind, Cpunkt, Starbug, Niels, Maxim, Prom and the others whose name I unfortunately don't remember right now are working their asses off to get and keep the Network up and running. Leon is a special case as well, it's virtually impossible to talk him into getting some sleep. And they're a bunch of people it is fun to be around, too. You're making my stay really worthwile, thanks a lot :)

[edit] 1-2-3

They are the power guys. They make all the machines actually work, and there's more about that task then you might guess at first. Waterproofing stuff, managing the really limited power ressources in the camp, laying cables, etc.

[edit] Pentaklon

The team responsible for the light and other artistical installations. Hagen, Moritz and the other members really make the camp look like a dream, especially at night. But don't let your eyes deceive you, it's a lot of work to make it work out like that.

[edit] Negative things

  • I thought this would be a camp for hackers, but sometimes as angel I feel like in a Bundeswehr Maneuver. After all we are all volunteers, we don't get paid for it, so I don't want to be treated as lowest rank being pushed around and not respected. This is quite demotivating, you know. - Okay, this was only lasting about 2 or 3 days. Maybe the Arch Angels were too overworked, so they passed the pressure on? Whatever, I don't know.

[edit] Various things

  • Well, you can't expect the angels to distribute evenly among the shifts. It's quite obvious that most of us prefer certain kinds of work. After all that's not a cashier meeting or something like that ;)
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