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[edit] c-base

OUT NOW!!!, the c-base supporter t-shirts space station rescue team the shirts are available at the c-base cphere in the wireless:village The price for each shirt will be 20 euros, The shirts are a donation from the "The Hacker Foundation"/ Camp Anaconda. every sold shirt helps to save the c-base,

The "c-base" (space station berlin-mitte) is an independent culture center located in Berlin that has now been maintained for 10 years. The c-base is organized solely through honorary activities. It is a popular meeting point for different net-activists like Wikipedia, Freifunk.net, Indymedia and the ChaosComputerClub.

Check out the EVA-Mission in our c-phere landing-device!

We provide: old-school gaming console Mame-O-Mat, multi touch console mtc multitouch.de, communication couches, carbonite units & creative interchange.

The mothership c-base is still in serious trouble. Become part of the rescue team! Donations of 20 monetary units (€) will get you a shirt as proof of support...

[edit] contest

We want your game/program/application/modification for the multitouch console


[edit] people

most of the c-base people will be located at the Wireless:Village, but you can also find some crew-member at the Art_&_Beauty and AudioVillage

  • cven
  • Teco
  • e-punc
  • t phone: 6677
  • Hombre phone:6678
  • Miramar
  • scrat
  • cillroy42
  • alx
  • alex(die)
  • hein-c
  • perle
  • (((radar)))
  • igor. Wanna hack the mtc [1]? just ask.
  • lcb01 phone: LCB0 (5220)

[edit] projects

[edit] play with me, mtc

ip of the multitouch table:

You might try and ask for an account on the machine.

All the interesting stuff is below ~mtc

the demo app is in ~mtc/avg_media/avg_media/mtc/videochooser2/

checkout [2] and [3]

Have fun!

[edit] presentation

on day III-23:00 an introduction and presentation of mtc and its software at the c-phere.

[edit] c-phere

put some actual photos here!!! t's pics Image:Doom_tent.jpg

it covers MTC and MAME-O-MAT

  • SG50


[edit] habitat

put some actual photos here!!!


  • habitat


[edit] todo

  • mameomat howto
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