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# big Tents we'll be part of the Wireless:Village
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Debian - the village organized by some Debian hackers.


[edit] Gadgets

Please bring tons of debian garments/gadgets (t-shirts, stickers to spread around)..

If you need hints on production of embrodered garments please contact Audric I have friends that do just that.

[edit] provide

planning has just begun...

  • coffee maker - h01ger
  • fancy lights - h01ger
  • 24port switch - h01ger
  • Etch DVDs - tokkee
  • posters - tokkee
  • sound-system for nice chilling music - ???? (you)
  • we still need a big tent...
  • a refridgerator would be nice, gas powered would be great and maybe a small inflatable pool would be enough, to keep drinks cool?

[edit] needed

  • chairs or similar

[edit] events

  • editing of the remaining debconf7 videos

If you want to announce a workshop, read

[edit] Inhabitants

Please add your name here, so we have an idea how much space we'll need... If you want to have some pseudo-anonymity you can also ping h01ger on irc and then I can add "anon#" to the list (as you cannot edit this wiki anonymously, adding it yourself would be even less anonymous :)

  • h01ger
  • anon1
  • tokkee
  • amaya
  • nd
  • dino
  • weasel
  • squat

[edit] FAQ

  • Q: are ubuntu-users also welcome? :P
  • A: yes, sure. We are as happy about ubuntu users as we are happy to see users of gentoo, suse, fedora, redhat, redflag, windows, macos, bsd, sco, amigaos - everybody has a right to see the light :-D

The Camp is divided into small villages that provide structure and give the participant to join a certain area of interest. A village might feature people doing extra workshops following their own agenda in their own tent. There is no central planning for this kind of events, besides villages with a special infrastructural need. A village is a distinct area of the Camp that is usually run by a certain group or community.

If you are interested in a specific area, just place your tent appropriately and get in touch. To find the tent the VillageMap might help.

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